Why You Need to Experience the Zinfandel Experience, the World’s Single Largest Varietal Tasting Event

This one article will be the holy bible of wine, a teetotaler testament of one of the crispiest wines in the game: Zinfandel. And the Zinfandel Experience in San Francisco and New York City will be your miracle, your saving grace, as something you should never miss. It’s a wine celebration so much more now than it ever was given Zinfandel’s making quite the comeback, but here’s the ultimate question…. Why?


Why Is the Zinfandel Experience Making Headlines Again?

As if the Zinfandel Experience ever lost any traction, of course…. Whenever dealing with a wine celebration such as with our own New York Wine Events, there’s always a bit of buzz (and not necessarily the alcoholic kind of buzz!). But there’s something special about the Zinfandel Experience, and not just for the white wine lover — but a lover of all wine. Here’s the scoop of why you should be excited to see this celebration over in San Fran and New York City:

  1. Red Wine’s on the Decline…. Just a Little — What does that mean exactly? Lately red wine has been the rage, but ever since winemakers started sweetening it up and filling it with even more body, the fact is this: red wine’s not getting drunk as much as it usually is. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though; but the crispier white wine now seems to be getting purchased more. And drank more. White Zinfandel’s en vogue again. That should tell you something.
  2. The Best Way to Enjoy Wine? Food Pairings — And the Zinfandel Experience doesn’t disappoint in that arena for good reason. This isn’t just about wine. It’s about the food that can go with it, and thanks to Thursday night’s even Epicuria, you get to learn how to pair the Zinfandel with all sorts of sweet dishes. Just to give you a bit of the scope behind that: that’s 30 of the top Zinfandel winemakers in the nation pairing with a Bay Area restaurant in San Francisco and coming up with culinary masterpieces. Are you game?
  3. You’ll Understand Just How ‘Big’ This Experience Is — Everyone dismisses the grandeur of any celebration, be it wine, or sports, or anything. But the Zinfandel Experience just by the numbers will knock you off your feet. This festival sports over 100 winemakers, not just offering tastings, but talking about their bottles as if you are the expert wanting to know more about what makes a Zinfandel a Zinfandel.
  4. Finding the “Hidden Gems” of the Zinfandel — This should be a no-brainer. Go to any supermarket. You’ll find plenty of White Zinfandels. But are you finding the true gems of the trade? Probably not. Most of the prestigious Zinfandels are actually sold right at the wineries in which they are made, so the bonus of the Zinfandel Experience is that these wineries will sell you their Zins at the General Store provided during the festival. Score!
  5. Being a True Sommelier — Ever traversed the countryside from winery to winery? Seeing the vineyards in all their beauty? That’s what the Zinfandel Experience would truly be like over there in San Fran. On Saturday during this festival, you can even attend several workshops and seminars, learning the importance of terrior and learning from the best: Christopher Sawyer, Jamie Harding, Tracey Berkner. Want to be sommelier? Going to the Zinfandel Experience is your first step.

Top of the line as shown here, right? Which is why….

You’ve Got to Make It a Point to Check Out the Zinfandel Experience and Experience It for Yourself


This brings out the importance of any wine festival, for that matter. But just one more thing to point out: the Zinfandel Experience is in San FranciscoCalifornia and Manhattan! You can’t go wrong there.

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