Wine in Kegs!

Kegs don’t always have the best connotation. We usually think of bad tasting beer in smelly, loud frat houses that gets guzzled in massive quantities, ending with some young, blond guy upside down on top of the barrel.

However, a keg can be a very effective mode of storing and transporting alcoholic beverages. In general, bars receive all of their beer (even the good stuff) in kegs because they’re stainless steel, which means they can protect the beverage from any outside elements like oxygen.

Lately, we’ve seen a trend from the wine industry of “anything beer can do, we can do better,” which has resulted in wine in cans, wine on tap, and wine in kegs.

This movement started for businesses who were getting into the “wine on tap” trend that started a few years ago. Wine is making a huge comeback as the drink of millennials, so the industry is getting creative. The kegs help save the environment, with one keg replacing one ton of glass bottles over a 30-year lifespan.

There are wineries all over the country selling wine in kegs, and not just to businesses but to regular consumers like you! One of them is right here in New York at Bridge Lane Wines on the North Fork of Long Island. They make their kegs out of heavy-duty recycled plastic and charge only $240 for a 19.5L tub of wine, which comes out to 130 glasses! Smokin’ deal, if you ask us.

So the next time you’re throwing a party, don’t waste your time with a ridiculous amount of wine bottles, just buy a keg!

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