Wine Cocktails For Summer

Ah, summer, that exciting time of picnics in the park, weekends at the beach, and of course, refreshing cocktails. Here at New York Wine Events, we believe that wine is king and that it can be used for every occasion, even for a patio happy hour! Check out our favorite recipes for wine-based cocktails.

San Francisco Sangaree: Fun fact: Bourbon and red wine are totally great together, which is obvious in this unique drink. The red wine adds a fun acidity to the caramel nature of the bourbon, and it’s all balanced out with a little simple syrup.



French 75: This bubbly beverage is a total classic, and it’s quite easy to make! Shake up some gin, Champagne, lemon juice, and a little simple syrup, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic drink to enjoy all summer long.


Blood Orange Sangria: Of course, sangria is always an amazing choice in regards to wine cocktails, but they can get a little boring. Add some flair with delicious blood oranges and lemongrass in this Riesling recipe.


Strawberry Muddle: Strawberries are the best berries, and they are the star of this Prosecco cocktail. Muddle them up, toss in some lemons, add your bubbly and you’re good to go! This is a great drink to make in large batches for that garden party you’re going to.


Red Splash: Tequila and Pinot Noir? Yup, that’s right. It’s like a margarita but way more fun, and with a unique grapefruit addition. Mix it all together with some agave nectar and a little lime twist for garnish, and you’re good to go.


Just Keep Swimming: Fun to say, even more fun to drink. Made with Sauvignon Blanc, the watermelon brings out the fruity flavors of the wine, and the vodka just adds some extra flair. Add some bubbly with a little soda water and this is sure to perk up your picnic.


The Paysan: It’s like a sangria but even better! Start with a tasty Pinot Noir, add in some Chambord, and pile on the citrus juices and this one will go down easy. It’s simple, delicious, and easy to make so stir up a pitcher for your weekend.


Everything’s Coming Up Rosé: Of course, it’s not a summer cocktail if it doesn’t involve rosé. This drink features two different kinds, as well as some Aperol for a bit of something interesting, and a splash of hibiscus tea for that refreshing floral flavor.

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