Why Is Nebbiolo So Awesome?

Oh, red wine, how we love you! If only you were easier to choose from!

Just kidding, we love how many varieties of red wine exist, and it’s our goal to teach all of you wine lovers about each and every one of them so you feel more informed to choose your next favorite bottle. Today’s article is about the gorgeous Nebbiolo, a full-bodied red from Italy.


Nebbiolo is predominantly associated with the Piedmont region of Italy, although many of its vineyards are in the Langhe region. Every harvest, an intense fog, or “nebbia” in Italian sets over this region, which is thought to be the inspiration for the name.



It’s born mostly out of Italy but in recent years, there have been some plantings in South Africa, Australia, Oregon, and the cooler parts of California. Nebbiolo is a very particular grape that will only ripen in conditions exactly like its home in the Piedmont region.


The dominant flavors of a Nebbiolo are cherry, leather, clay, and anise, and many people are drawn to it’s bright acidity and high level of mouth-drying tannins. However, the true star of the Nebbiolo is the powerful scent of roses that waft out anytime it is poured.


Because of its high acidity and fruity flavors, the Nebbiolo pairs well with almost everything except fish. Look for delicately fatty meats that will soak up some of those tannins, salty vegetable dishes, and buttery, chocolate desserts to really make this wine shine.

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