What to Drink with Your Curry

Wintertime is a great time to eat curry dishes. The weather is cold and gray but curry is warm, inviting, and spicy, which can warm up any chilly night!

The delicious spices and wonderful heat that comes with curry can make wine pairing a bit tricky but have no fear, we are here to help! Below are some varietals and wine suggestions that will go with your tasty curry meal.


Try German Rieslings and Gewurztraminers for your extra spicy dishes. The powerful sweetness in these will help offset the major spiciness in your dish. The Brandborg Gewurztraminer is excellent for this!


For a creamier, mild curry, go for a Chardonnay, especially one from Australia. These tend to be a little rich, fruity, and slightly dry which will go nicely with the creamy texture of your dish. The Robert Oatley 2015 from Western Australia will be delicious.


Red wines can be tricky because many are very tannic but a nice Shiraz would be great, especially for your tomato-based curries. Check out the Water Wheel 2013 5 Rounds Shiraz.  


Some tips for wine pairing with curry:

  • Avoid high tannin and alcohol levels as these can unbalance the spiciness of your dish.
  • Oaky flavors aren’t going to do you any favors either.
  • If your curry is blindingly hot, avoid wine all together and go for a crisp, cold lager, as this is the only thing that will cool you down.

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