What is Gewurztraminer Anyway?

It may be hard to say but Gewurztraminer is far from hard to drink. It’s sweet and delicious and amazing on a hot summer night.

So what it is exactly?

Well, to start, it’s a white grape that’s grown that has a pinkish skin color and high level of sugar. The German translation is literally “Spice Traminer” and a Traminer is a green grape that hails from the village of Tramin, located in South Tyrol, the German-speaking province in northern Italy. Now, the most popular regions for growing Gewurztraminer are in Alsace, France, a region in northwestern France on the border of Germany.

The most distinguishable trait of a Gewurztraminer is its delightful sweetness, which can lead it to be considered a dessert wine, depending on the sugar percentage. There are also dry versions but they tend to be a bit more intense and less popular. Flavor profiles of this tasty white wine tend to be full of lychee notes as well as something floral, such as rose, as well as other soft, sweet fruits like pears.

Some compare this varietal to a Moscato but with a much more advanced flavor and quality. It’s common to feel overwhelmed by the sweetness of the Gewurztraminer, however, due to the lower acidity and alcohol content, many aren’t nearly as sweet as they may taste. Because of both of these characteristics, Gewurztraminer should be served not just chilled, but actually cold. There is actually a category of wines called “ice wines” and a Gewurztraminer is one of them. It refers to grapes that do best in cold or frozen environments but also suggests the way they should be served: ice cold or in frosted glasses.

This unique white makes for an amazing after-dinner drink, or a fun sipping beverage on a hot day. The sweetness factor also makes it a fantastic food buddy, especially with something spicy or extremely flavorful like many Asian cuisines. Of course, it’s a wonderful friend to French cheeses, particularly the salty or strong ones like Parmesan and Gouda.

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