Urban Wineries: Big City Vintners

We always hear the words “wine country” in reference to wine producing regions and their local wineries. Most do tend to be in the countryside because that’s where space is to grow and farm grapes, but our great cities are home to some amazing wineries too. Sometimes, it’s not where the grapes are grown, but who and where they are turned into wine that is more important.


Austin, Texas

Home to the SXSW and Austin City Limits festivals, this Texas town has been making quite the name for itself over the last few years, which is why it’s not a surprise that it’s also got its own wineries. One of the best in the city is called The Austin Winery, and it’s shaking things up in the urban market. They have vineyards throughout Texas, California, and Washington that grow the grapes, which are then shipped back to Austin to be fermented and turned into their delicious wines. They’ve even got their own in-house artist who creates their unique and interesting labels.


Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn is known for being eccentric and unique, especially within the food and hospitality market. Brooklyn Winery holds true to the spirit of its borough, producing artisanal, small-batch wine right in the heart of Williamsburg, just down the street from Brooklyn Brewery. They source their grapes from growers all over the country, which means each varietal has its own interesting spin. Not only can you tour the winery itself, but BK Winery is home to a large event space, wine bar, and restaurant!


New York City, New York

Our great city is a trendsetter among many industries, which is why it is expected that there would be a winery in Manhattan. City Winery brings in grapes from all over the world, including California and Argentina, to create beautiful, award-winning wines right here in NYC. They offer tastings and tours, and one can even have their own personalized barrel in the cellar, as long as you have a barrel membership. City Winery has been offering amazing wines, along with a stellar restaurant, and an event space to New Yorkers for over a decade now.


Portland, Oregon

The Pacific Northwest is becoming one of the best regions in the United States for wine production because of their ideal climate. Division Winery, in Portland, has taken advantage of the gorgeous vineyards in their region and has been producing delicious wines since 2010. The idea behind their specific varietals is to keep them organic and biodynamic with minimal manipulation, which fits in with the eco-friendly, hippie vibe of the city of Portland. They have three different labels- Division label, Division Villages label, and the experimental Tripod Project, which all represent different price points, although the quality is superb throughout all of their bottles.


San Francisco, California

California has been the largest producer of wine in the United States for many years now, but most people immediately think of Napa Valley as the only region within the state for good wine. San Francisco has joined the scene with multiple wineries, including Tank 18, a unique establishment started by a group of tech heads who wanted more out of life. They bring food, wine, and fun to the SoMA neighborhood of San Francisco with affordable bottles, a fabulous menu, and unique tasting room. You can try flights of wine, or even host your own event in their massive 6,000 square foot space.


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