Try This Cocktail Trend: Tea-Infused Cocktails

When it comes to cocktail culture, tea isn't just for hot toddies anymore.

When it comes to cocktail culture, tea isn’t just for hot toddies anymore.

You’ve surely heard of tea and crumpets, but how about tea and cocktails?

Tea-infused cocktails have been steadily making their way onto drink menus as cocktail culture booms. In fact, at most of New York City’s top cocktail bars, you’ll find at least one drink on the menu that reminds you of cozy afternoons on the couch with a biscuit. And we’re not just talking about hot toddies.

One fantastic example comes from America’s top-rated cocktail bar, Dead Rabbit, which is located in NYC’s Financial District. The Jabberwocky ($14) blends lapsang tea-infused Michter’s rye whiskey with cacao, curacao, sweet vermouth, bitters and orange essence. In this drink, the tea blends into a complex and layered flavor profile.


But another great example is the Earl Grey Twist Martini from Turntable (with three locations throughout Manhattan). With just earl grey tea, gin, lemon juice and simple syrup, this recipe lets the tea flavor really shine through as a feature of the drink–which comes served in a martini glass with an actual tea bag ($13).

But cocktail culture goes beyond the bar stool. When a trend in cocktails become popular, people begin to wonder how to replicate it at home. That’s where Owl’s Brew comes in. Owl’s Brew is a pre-brewed and pre-bottled tea mixer made especially for cocktails–you can get it at grocery stores like Whole Foods and the Fresh Market.

Jennie Ripps, the founder and CEO of Owl’s Brew, says: “Cocktails nowadays are so complex. We’re getting used to complexities in drinks. Tea falls into this nicely, because it’s a beverage that has many unique flavor profiles and properties coming together as one (similar to building a cocktail). Mixologists have started adding more botanicals into their cocktails, and tea (and tea blends) are a big part of this trend.”

Owl’s Brew comes in two sizes (ranging from $6.99-$15.99) and four flavors: Coco-Lada, Pink and Black, White Vine and the Classic.


Ripps adds: “Owl’s Brew offers the at-home entertainer an easy way to craft showstopping libations with all-natural ingredients. We also riff on classic cocktails with our tea blends; for example, we have the Owl’s Manhattan, which uses our Pink and Black (darjeeling tea with hibiscus, strawberry and lemon), whiskey and orange bitters.”

So whether you’d like to play with the wide world of tea as a subtle hint in your signature drinks, like the Jabberwocky from Dead Rabbit, or give a standard gin martini a real kick like the Earl Grey Twist Martini from Turntable, you can customize this trend to your heart’s content in your own home with Owl’s Brew.

And if you’re a little less bold but still want to play with tea and cocktails at home, you can always go straight for the classic hot toddy: It’s just whiskey, lemon juice, honey and black tea (we’d recommend the Classic from Owl’s Brew). Not only is this the simplest way to indulge in one of 2015-2016’s rising cocktail trends, but it’s served piping hot for those cozy winter nights.

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