Top Ten Wines From New York State

As citizens of the best city in the world, we know our state has a lot to offer. We’ve got the food, the nightlife, the entertainment, and of course, the wine! New York Wine Country spans from Long Island to Seneca Lake and the Hudson Valley.

Check out the list below for the ten best wines from New York, determined by the 100 point rating system of Wine Enthusiast.


94 points: Hailing from Long Island, the Wölffer 2015 Descencia Botrytis Late Harvest White is a beautiful blend of Riesling and Chardonnay. The honey flavors and juicy tones of mango, pineapple, and melon bring a delicious sweetness that is sure to please. $40

94 points: The Fox Run 2011 Reserve Riesling is a true Riesling with its concentrated fruit ripeness and decadent flavors of honey, mango and grapefruit. $30


94 points: The single vineyard Hermann J. Wiemer 2012 Magdalena Vineyard Cabernet Franc brings delicate aromas of violet and lavender. Add in the amazing undertones of luscious black fruit and notes of granite and stone, and you’ve got yourself a wonderful bottle of red. $32

94 points: The Hermann J. Wiemer 2013 Josef Vineyard Riesling is a semidry white with exciting flavors of apricot and cherry which is slightly different than a traditional Riesling. $39

93 points: Rated as one of the best wines from Long Island, the Wölffer 2012 The Grapes of Roth Merlot is classic. Fruity and bold, this bottle packs a true Merlot punch. $44

93 points: A stunner from the Harbes Family Vineyard 2014, the Proprietor’s Reserve Hallock Lane Merlot is fragrant and dark, with luscious fruit flavors. It’s smoky and deep, with subtle notes of licorice and smoke. $55

93 points: Shiny and rich, the McCall 2012 Reserve Cabernet Franc is delicately tannic and fruity with an elegant perfume. $45

93 points: Bolder than its geographical cousin above, the Hermann J. Wiemer 2014 Magdalena Vineyard Riesling is sumptuous and fruity. It brings the traditional Riesling flavors of grapefruit and pineapple but invigorates with a slight mineral undertone. $36

93 points: The 2014 HJW Vineyard Riesling from Hermann J. Wiemer has a similar flavor to the rest of the Wiemer Rieslings, however it is much more intense. $39

93 points: By far the most expensive on the list, the Raphael 2013 Primo Reserve Estate Bottled Red is a blend of classic Bordeaux varieties. It brings a mix of cherry and cassis flavors and a balance of spice, cedar and tobacco tones. $75


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