Top 7 Wines for Spring!

Hey spring, thanks for finally showing up! It’s the best time of year, especially in New York. Central Park is blooming, there are dogs everywhere, and New Yorkers finally come out of their black-clothed shells to enjoy the gorgeous and long-awaited sunshine. So to celebrate, grab yourself a bottle of our seven recommended best wines for spring, some of your favorite people, and go outdoors!

Sauvignon Blanc: A good Sauv is right at any time around the year but springtime really does this grape justice. The warm temps and smell of flowers in the air accents the lightly floral notes of a Sauvignon Blanc, not to mention it pairs well with that chicken you were planning to grill tonight. Go for something from California or even Chile if you want to be a little adventurous.

Gruner Veltliner: It’s sometimes sweet, sometimes peppery, and mostly sassy. A nice chilled bottle of this is what will make that sunny Saturday in the park feel like the greatest day you could hope for, especially if you bring along some funky cheese to go with it. A Gruner Veltliner is really only made in Austria, so that should help narrow down your choice.


Albarino: One of Spain’s lesser known, but just as important, wines, the Albarino will be the best friend to that heart-healthy fish you were planning for your patio garden party. It’s grown in high-up pergolas and it gets plenty of sunlight, so you’re going to get that perfectly bright, citrusy, floral taste as soon as you take a sip.

Chablis: This French beauty is a Chardonnay unlike any of its peers. Grown in Chablis, France, it’s a Chardonnay grape but it takes on the fabulous terror of Chablis which provides an intense minerality and salty taste which is absolutely delicious on a warm spring day. You probably won’t even realize you’re drinking a Chardonnay, it’s that good.  

Dry Riesling: The key here is the dry part of the Riesling. A sweet Riesling has its place but a bright spring day isn’t one of them. You want that crispness combined with the fruity flavors of the peach and pear, which combine to be refreshing and sumptuous all at the same time. Grab a couple bottles and stake your claim at the pool.

Prosecco: Sparkling wines are always an incredible choice but Prosecco has that delicate flavor that is perfect for spring. It also takes well to fruit flavors so you can freeze berries or peaches to drop in your glass to keep your bubbly cool without diluting it, and the Prosecco will take on a bit of that fruity infusion.

Light Rosé: To gear up for summer (the true rosé season), start with the light rosé-aka the rosé that is literally lighter in color. It’s going to have a bit more of a gentle flavor but still having that fantastically addictive rosé taste that we all know and love so much.


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