Top 5 Wines from NY Drinks NY

If you didn’t know, we partnered with an amazing event last month called the NY Drinks NY Grand Tasting, which was put on by the New York Wine and Grape Foundation. This amazing event featured over 40 different wineries found right here in our great state and showcased the amazing winemakers and innovators behind them.

Below we have the top five rated New York wines from the event, as found in the Winevento app, a unique tool for rating and scoring the wines you can taste at large scale events like these.

  1. Brooklyn Winery North Fork Blend: A powerful red blend from the beautiful North Fork region of Long Island, this bottle was truly a crowd pleaser. It’s composed of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot, which gives that feisty, tannic quality while maintaining a rich balance of fruit and earth flavors like currant and baking spice. The summer of 2014 was long and dry which allowed these grapes to fully mature and ripen, which contributes to the robust boldness of this bottle. $20
  2. Brooklyn Oenology Social Club Red: Also a blend from North Fork, the Social Club Red balances the Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Corot Noir for a medium-bodied bottle that brings joy in every glass. The beauty of this wine comes in its fermentation process which started with stainless steel and ended with oak barrels, so you get a hint of the oakiness without it being overwhelming. Enjoy complimentary notes of blackberry and dried cherry, as well as pepper and spice. $20
  3. Arrowhead Spring Semi Dry Riesling: The Finger Lakes region of New York is part of the Niagara Escarpment, a unique place that has a great reputation for wine, and this Riesling is no exception. It has everything you want out of a Riesling: tart, fruity flavors with a sunny, refreshing taste, plus a finish of bright green apple. The low sugar quality gives it that semi-dry aspect which is really perfect for a summer day in the country. $14.95
  4. Bedell Cellars Sauvignon Blanc: Bedell prides itself on the sustainable farming methods they use to create their wines, which is why they taste so great. The Sauvignon Blanc grapes are grown on their property, gently pressed in bunches, and then fermented with indigenous yeasts and aged in steel. This bottle is full of flowery citrus notes that bring a bright minerality that balances wonderfully. $30
  5. Paumanok Barrel Fermented Chardonnay: This Chardonnay is made only from free run juice, or the juice that comes from a grape that’s been split before it’s been pressed. These pure juices are aged in oak barrels so this is considered an oaky Chardonnay that ends with a crisp finish. The apple and citrus notes are a happy addition that makes this a really excellent Chardonnay. $24

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