The Wines to Drink This Fall

It’s that time of the year- the leaves will start changing soon, the temperatures will fall, and that means we’ll be moving away from the rosé and the bubbly. 

So what should we be drinking this autumn season? Well, let us tell you.

Syrah: It’s going to get colder which means you’ll want something with a bit of warmth. A good Syrah will be fruity in a subtle way and will warm you up in the best way, and pairs nicely with meaty proteins, especially those that have come off the grill.


  • Falcone 2015 Syrah: The spicy nature of this delicious bottle brings a peppery note combined with a crisp acidity is sure to warm you right up. $30
  • Leoness 2013 Alessandro Vineyard Syrah: Light on its feet, this Syrah brings the classic spiciness, as well as some added elements like cola and roasted game for a very autumn-inspired flavor. $46




Zinfandel: Fall is the perfect time to pull out that crock pot and cook up something spicy! Whether it’s chili, stew, or something else that’s hearty and delicious, you’ll need a strong red wine to cut through. Pair the following Zinfandels with any tomato-based meal.


  • Oak Farm 2015 Zinfandel: The velvety smooth nature of this Zin combined with its berry and cherry flavors will pair well with anything smoky or spicy. $24



Riesling: What else is autumn good for but a delicious pie? Whether it’s pumpkin, pecan, or any other fruit flavor, a late harvest Riesling will have just enough sweetness and acidity to complement your tasty dessert.




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