The Pinot Noirs of Oregon

Oregon is one of our country’s highest wine-producing states, just fourth after California, Washington, and our own great state of New York, even though it’s only really been in the winemaking business since the 1960s.

Their stake in the winemaking game started when a few California wineries planted some Pinot Noir vineyards in the Willamette Valley, a region that had thought to have been far too cold for any true growth.

Fast forward a few decades and the Pinot Noir is actually the most produced wine in the state of Oregon, with over  50,000 tons made each year, making Oregon one of the premier Pinot producing regions in the entire world.

These Pinot Noirs aren’t like their California peers; they’re rustic and earthy, like most of Oregon. Many of them spend long periods of time in French oak casks, which adds notes of cinnamon and clove- two spices not traditionally found in a Pinot. Each of the subregions of the Willamette Valley produces a Pinot that’s quite different from the one next to it.


Check out our list below for some fantastic Pinot Noirs from Oregon!

Domaine Divio 2015 Pinot Noir: Smooth and silky, this bottle is seductive and intense. Filled with a buttery swirl of dark fruits and chocolate, this one should be saved for a special occasion or that special someone. $48

Archery Summit 2014 Looney Vineyard Pinot Noir: Although it’s more at the top of the price range, the Looney Pinot is well worth the cash. It’s young and vibrant, with interesting fruits like strawberry and cantaloupe. $85

Big Table Farm 2015 Pinot Noir: This one is a bit more unique, bringing in non-traditional flavors like hibiscus tea and rose water, as well as raspberry and pomegranate. $42

Coeur de Terre 2014 Oregon Pinot Noir: If you’re looking for a great deal, here it is! This bottle is crafted like a traditional Pinot but with that Oregon flair, without the hefty price! $22

Purple Hands 2015 Kropf Vineyard Pinot Noir: Give this one some time to breathe, and it will be well worth the wait. It’s soaked with bramble berries and has a sweet note of cola and molasses for a lovely finish. $50

Tendril 2014 Extrovert Pinot Noir: The Tendril Pinot is meant to be enjoyed immediately after opening. It brings a fun burst of mocha notes around a very fruit-forward center. $48

Dobbes Family Estate 2014 Grand Assemblage Pinot Noir: This is also a fantastic deal, without sacrificing any quality! It’s bold and traditional with dark fruits, chocolate, and a bit of mocha to steal the show. $28

Coeur de Terre 2014 Renelle’s Block Reserve Pinot Noir: Unlike its relative on this list, the Renelle’s Block Reserve Pinot is complex and intense, with a rich structure. It’s got flavors of raspberry and herbs with a strong sense of minerality. $65

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