The Four Best Free Resources to Learn About Wine

The ever confusing business that is wine. For a beginner, it can be one of the most overwhelming industries to learn about. Acidity, tannins, three-tier, terroir, enology… what do all of these mean?! The wine industry has a language of its own and starting out can leave someone wracked with fear.

Fortunately, there are many free resources available only a click away.

Here are my top four:

Wine Enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast is an excellent sources for beginners wanting to learn the basics of wine. Not only is there an entire ‘Wine Basics’ section of the website, but it is incredibly organized. One can begin by learning the basic varietals, separated by red and white wine.

Next, there is an interactive wine terms section of the site that contains a glossary of terms. Simply find the word that you don’t understand, click on it and a definition will appear. I don’t know about you, but when I first started tasting wine, understanding what someone meant when asking about the acidity on your palate after sipping a Sauvignon Blanc, I needed further information to understand exactly what that was.

Finally, there is a video series that ranges from Wine 101 to Wine & Cheese Pairings. Seeing industry experts on the screen makes learning about what they are saying that much easier.


The SOMM Journal

While you can subscribe to receiving a hard copy of the magazine (free to beverage trade members), the SOMM Journal has a free digital version of the publication on their website. It offers an excellent source for news, wine reviews and scores, winemaker highlights, and much more. The magazine prides itself on having an academic angle, and has continuous working relationships with educational institutions.

Wine Business’s tagline is “Home Page for the Wine Industry”, and this site is exactly that. Ranging from classified ads to industry news, you can find anything related to wine business here. Wine Business has the largest job board for those pursuing new opportunities within the wine industry. Also, a digital version of Wine Business Monthly is housed here, which always has excellent articles for anyone in the industry, ranging from best farming practices in using pesticides, to wine club sales statistics and best practices. This is a source that should be utilized as much as possible.

Wine Institute

The Wine Institute is another website that offers a vast amount of information. I love it because it is one of the best sites for explaining state shipping laws and the cost and difficulty of compliance in each state. The interactive maps enables users to simply click on the state they wish to learn about, and it explains license requirements, reporting processes, tax information, and much more.

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