Tasty Wines for Your Chinese Dinner

Generally, when we thinking of beverages to pair with Chinese foods, our minds go to sake or plum wines, but those aren’t the only options! There are plenty of other options to pair with Chinese dishes.

If you’re eating Dim Sum, go for a white sparkling wine, or a Riesling. Because of the variety of flavors in Dim Sum, it’s important to go for high acidity and a drier taste to keep your palate clean between dishes.


A beef dish, such as beef and broccoli, or pepper steak, are great with a Malbec. It can be hard to pair a red wine with a Chinese dish but the hearty flavors of beef and pepper are ideal for a Malbec.


Going for the classic lo mein? Sauvignon Blanc is going to be your best bet. You want to avoid overpowering the deliciously subtle flavors of a lo mein, especially if it is mainly vegetables, so a delicate Sauvignon Blanc will bring some yummy flavors but will let the dish shine on its own.


Sweet and sour chicken is always a delicious choice so go for a Moscato to accent the sweetness of the dish. Although the wine itself is also sweet, the gentle bubbles will help to cut through that sticky sauce.


Peking duck is one of the best and most delicious dishes on a Chinese menu. To accentuate the delicious duck fat, pair it with a Pinot Noir. The fruity floral notes, as well as the high acidity, will do wonders for your meal.


Finally, if you’re a fried rice fiend (and who isn’t), pick up an unoaked Chardonnay. The unoaked part is very important as you’ll avoid the usual buttery flavors of a Chardonnay which could really clash with the soy sauce, and instead, you’ll get a nice crisp acidity.


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