Plum Wine: What You Need to Know

Plum wine is simply that: a wine made from plums! Generally, it is made with distilled liquor that is soaked in plums, which gives it a much higher alcohol content than regular wine which is made only with fruits.


There are multiple names and preparations that differ throughout the different countries where it is popular. The Chinese call it meiju, the Japanese make it with green plums and call it umeshu, and in Taiwan, it’s wumeiju, which is created from smoked plums.

The Japanese drink plum wine because of its relaxing quality but also for health benefits. The main component in umeshu is citric acid which can relieve fatigue and assists the body in recovering vitality and energy. Another benefit is it’s help in jumpstarting an appetite that may be lost. It encourages the saliva glands and can bring out flavors in a meal.

Traditionally, plum wine is served straight up in a cold glass but can also be on the rocks, or even served warm as a nice winter beverage.


Of course, as plum wine comes from Asian country, it is best paired with Asian foods. The sweet and fruity flavor means it is a great buddy for a salty, spicy meal. It’s also great as a sipping beverage after your dinner as you enjoy your dessert.

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