Why is Pinot Noir So Popular?

Pinot Noir is one of the most commonly consumed bottles of wine in the country, with a very large majority coming from France (of course) and California’s wine country.


So why is the Pinot such a popular vino? Well, part of it is the difficulty that winemakers find in actually growing the grape, which means a truly great bottle is hard to find. It’s sensitive to climate changes and vine diseases, as well as sun exposure and temperatures.


However, a large part of why people love it is because of the diversity of flavor and because, although it does have some difficulty growing, it tends to be fairly inexpensive. Most commonly, the Pinot Noir is light to medium bodied, with many dark fruit flavors like cherry, cranberry, and raspberry, as well as spicy notes of clove and vanilla.


It’s this wide palette of flavors that help the Pinot pair with just about everything. It’s spicy flavors make it a great pairing with gamey meats, the fruity notes are perfect with soft, earthy cheeses, and it’s of course, it’s exceptional as a sipping wine.


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