NYC’s 4 Best Spots for Mocktails


By Shana Sokol

Doing the New Years resolution thing? Feeling a cleanse is in order? Just because you’ve vowed to swear off alcohol for a bit doesn’t mean you need to hibernate. Here are four bars and restaurants in the city that serve flavorful mocktails so you can still be social while giving your liver a break.


The NoMad and The NoMad Bar

Both the NoMad restaurant and its casual-ish spinoff the NoMad bar have received scrolls of accolades for their cocktails, wine list and food. However, they pay as much attention to their “soft cocktails” as to their boozy listmates. With a focus on fresh herbs and juices, the drinks are so flavorful you’ll be in disbelief that you woke hangover-free the next day.

ABC Cocina

Jean Georges’ always-hopping restaurant in ABC Carpet and Home prides itself on its farm-to-table ethos and seasonal offerings; unsurprisingly, the beverage program is as carefully curated as the food. With a selection of mocktails and house-made sodas, the drinks are as diverse and delectable as the Latin-inspired tapas.

Butcher’s Daughter

A vegetarian restaurant filled with beautiful people who look like they have nothing else on their agenda but brunch? It sounds like an L.A. nightmare but this chill spot gives intense focus to their bevvies. The menu explains the healing properties of each ingredient in their liquid creations, whether they are juices, smoothies or shots. Need more? The restaurant has also created multi-day juice cleanses if you need to be imbued with healing. Let the “Om” overcome you.

Center Bar

Located smack-dab in the center of The Time Warner Center, the piano player and views overlooking Columbus Center evoke classic New York and help erase your awareness of drinking in a mall. Along with their classic cocktails, they curate a selection of mocktails that aim to balance flavors while exciting the palate. Sip on one while gazing out at Central Park and feel the buzz of New York City’s energy overcome you.

Shana Sokol is a wine blogger, freelance writer and event planner living in New York City. She holds an Advanced Certificate from Wine and Spirit Education Trust and is a graduate of two programs from American Sommelier. Learn more at Follow her musings on Twitter and Instagram (@ShanaSpeaksWine) or on Facebook at

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