10 Top Northeast U.S. Wineries That Are a Must-Visit During the Summer

The sun is out, your kids are out of school, and you finally get a chance to relax. Summer is a time to make memories, be with the people you love, and cool off with refreshing drinks. Maybe you don’t live right near a beach, or you’re not on the West coast where the best “vacation” spots are. Well that’s okay, because you can take your summer somewhere else: a winery!



Wineries are the best place to go in search of a new, fun adventure. Learn proper pairings of wines with your favorite meals, taste-test an endless number of delicious wines, receive a tour and get the know-how on how wineries work; and finally, buy some wine. Take home your favorite bottle for a special date night with your significant other, but where?

The West Coast Doesn’t Have to Be The “Best Coast” For Wine

So you don’t live out in California where all of the fancy, famous wineries are…. Fear not! If you live on the other side of the country, here’s a list of the 10 Best Wineries in Northeast United State that you should visit this summer:

  • Alba Vineyards – Located in Milford, New Jersey, this winery was built in 1805, and has many years of fine wine and techniques that have been aged and perfected over the years. With the same character as when it was first built, this winery brings you an older look, with the newest flavors. Check them out here.
  • Diamond Hill Vineyard – The Diamond Hill Vineyard is located in Cumberland, Rhode Island, and is a family run winery and vineyard. With over 30 acres of vineyards, their wine selection is enormous, with one of their best being Pinot Noir. Want a bottle? Check them out right here.
  • Winterport Winery – Winterport Winery is a winery located in Winterport, Maine. With a number of award winning wines, this vineyard is THE place to go. Their wines are stated to be both supple and sophisticated. Try them for yourself!
  • Tarara Vineyard and Winery – Located in Leesburg, Virginia, this winery does its best to showcase their wines in ways that really show “the essence of Virginia.” Stop on by to check out their highly ranked wines.
  • Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod – The Truro Vineyard of Cape Cod is located in North Truro, Massachusetts. Being a family run winery, you won’t go one day without seeing someone from the family working on the wine, or showing off their favorites to the number of wine tours they give. With a great location, this winery is definitely one to visit.
  • Cascade Mountain Winery – Located in Amenia, New York, the Cascade Mountain Winery is a definite getaway spot. You can even rent a home right on the vineyard, and enjoy your stay in a private home, with some wonderful wine. Check them out right here!
  • Red Newt Cellars – The Red Newt Cellars is located in Hector, New York , and they specialize in Rieslings. Their popular and elegant wines are mostly white wines, but that’s not all they dabble in. They have a wide selection of wines from the Finger Lakes area, and we suggest you go check them out!
  • Bridge Lane Wine – Located in Mattituck, New York, this vineyard is a modern look at wineries. Selling most of their products in 750ml bottles, 3L boxes, and a 20L keg, they really know how to appeal to their customers. Their wines are “young, fresh, and fruit forward.” This winery is a must-see.
  • Naylor Wine Cellars – Located in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, this vineyard is not that old. Having opened in 1978, it’s a relatively new winery. However, the passion and love for fine wine extends far past 38 years. Check out their assortments of wines here!
  • Wagner Vineyards – The Wagner Vineyard is located in Lodi, New York, and is one of the oldest and most well known wineries in upstate New York! With over 30 award winning wines from red to white, or sweet and light, Wagner Vineyards has some of the best wines out there. Go ahead and give them a try!

Fine Wine All the Time!

You might be asking: why? We’re going to throw it back at you and say, “wine not?” If you’re looking for a fun “adult” getaway, visit any of these 10 wineries for a good adventure, a place to make memories, and most importantly, some fine wine.

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