New York City’s Best Restaurant & Bar Instagram Feeds

Courtesy The Bar Room NYC Instagram

Courtesy The Bar Room NYC Instagram

By Olivia Diaz, A Puma’s Life

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Whether you’re a social media buff and check Instagram around 75 times a day, give or take, or you’re new on the photo/video sharing scene, and would love to be part of all the hype (hi, mom!), these New York food Instagram accounts are definitely worth liking, commenting on and following. So, browse through this must-see, must-screenshot top 5 list, but foodies be warned…mouths will water and stomachs will grumble.


1. @thebarroomnyc

You know the saying, it’s 5:00 somewhere. So, in my opinion, it’s never too early to insta-research for your next happy hour outing. Peruse through The Bar Room’s account and find oldies, but goodies like the Classic Sour, Old Fashioned and Pinot Noir. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous or want to step out of your cocktail comfort zone, take a look at The Double Dare (Danny Neff’s rye whiskey, egg white and triple sec), French 75 (gin, lemon, and a splash of champagne), and American Trilogy (Templeton Rye, Apple Brandy, Sugar & Orange Bitters). Oh and btw, they make PB&J sundaes. I know that was random, but so worth mentioning.

2. @barbalunyc

After Superstorm Sandy destroyed Barbarini, the husband and wife team rebuilt the Italian restaurant in the same location and renamed it, Barbalu. It has been called a gem in South Street Seaport and their Insta is no different. If you’re a pasta freak…like me or if you love to watch ravioli being made…like me, then the videos on this account will have you hooked until you realize that your stomach is yelling in code, feed me, and the only meal that will satisfy your hunger is homemade spinach and ricotta ravioli with butter, sage and touch of tomato. Oh my.

3. @blindbarber

With a hash-tagline, “Stay Handsome,” how can you not feel so inclined to walk into The Blind Barber in your cuffed blue jeans and run your palm alongside your quiff hairstyle? This barbershop and cocktail parlor with locations in New York, Brooklyn and Los Angeles provide haircuts, shaves, cocktails and plates. But, just check-out their Instagram account…although pictures of food and drinks are minimal, the story of the modern gentleman is artistically told through postings that mix vintage with chic, monochrome with vibrant colors, and styling products with cappuccinos. It’s quite a trip!

4. @rubirosa_NYC

And, the hashtag award goes to? Nolita’s very own Rubirosa! Instagram is fun. But, throw in the opportunity to create unique captions that become categories for users to unite in the Insta-universe is just downright entertaining. Rubirosa is known for their 50 year old NY style family recipe, which makes delicious pizza and meatballs. To my surprise, however, their hashtag game is on point. For example, a cartoon post shows a man kissing a pizza #newyearskiss #priorities. Keep scrolling the feed and you’ll find #baconandeggpizza (yes, please!) and #whyisthereonninjaturtlesemoji (long, but valid question). Not bad, Rubirosa. Not bad.

5. @mokbar

Mŏkbar is a ramen shop, offering Korean soul food in Chelsea Market. Yum. After eating here with a group of friends, I was tagged on a new addition to their menu: Kochi Sticks wrapped in bacon. Double yum. Their Insta is one of the most informative and visually appealing accounts that I have come across. Each post is rich with description, and many showcase specific ingredients the Chef uses to create such beautiful and flavorful food experiences. Not to mention their commitment to pleasing and thanking patrons with #fanfridays where they post pictures from and to diners (#prettycool).

Looking for a way to capture cheese, charcuterie, and wine for your Instagram feed?  Head to The Underground Wine Sessions at Xavier Wine Co. beneath the cobblestone streets of the Meatpacking District.


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