New Year’s Eve Bubbly Guide

Ah, New Year’s Eve. That time of year where we all get together to celebrate the fact that we get to start fresh with a new year and drink and eat till we can’t remember the previous year!

It’s time to pop the bubbly and celebrate with the people you love, and we’ve got your guide to all things sparkling.

Whatever your budget or expectations, there’s a bubbly for you, and we’re here to help you find it!

Champagne: The OG of sparkling wines, Champagne only gets its name if the wine actually hails from Champagne, France. Some can be pretty expensive if you’re getting fancy, but you can find a good bottle of champs for under $40. Now, there are different types under the name Champagne which describe the flavor of the wine itself. A brut is going to be quite dry with the least amount of sugar, even drier than extra dry, while demi-sec will be very sweet.

Prosecco: Champagne’s Italian cousin is similar in that it must be made in specific regions of Italy with actual Prosecco grapes. Most Prosecco is a dry, brut-style but because of the fruity flavors, it seems sweeter than it actually is. Prosecco is great for drinks like mimosas and bellinis because it doesn’t have too much sweetness and complements others fruits quite nicely. Or you can just serve it up in a chilled glass and have it straight.

Sparkling Rosé: Who doesn’t love a good rosé? The pink stuff is a great choice for almost every meal because it’s a combination of red and white grapes which means it pairs well with just about everything. While it can be used as a pre-dinner toast, a great sparkling rosé is much better with your New Year’s Eve feast. Plus, it’s so pretty!


Moscato d’Asti: Just like its Old World peers, the Moscato d’Asti must be made in the province of Asti, Italy. Moscato is the opposite of Champagne as the most common style is the rich dessert wine, and it’s intensely sweet. It’s great for drinking and toasting because of the lighter alcohol level and delicious fruity sweetness which make it taste like dessert, however, the sugar levels can give you a pretty wicked headache the next day if you’re not careful.

Cava: The best Cavas come from Spain, although they can be made anywhere in the world, as it’s the fermentation process that is different with this sparkler. To get this type of sparkly, winemakers actually seal a secondary fermentation into the bottle which produces those beautiful bubbles, and with it, a unique set of flavors like white chocolate, almond, and even a doughy, yeast-like quality.

Lambrusco: If you’re feeling funky, go for a sparkling red wine like Lambrusco! It has a huge range of style from dry to sweet and can vary in different fruit flavors like strawberry and blueberry to rhubarb and hibiscus. It embodies that bold quality that many Italian red wines have but has a delicate, sparkly finish that eliminates some of the heavy tannins and acidity. It’s probably not the best wine to toast with but it will pair well with whatever you’re eating, especially a big roast or yummy cheese board.

Whatever you choose, we hope that you toast well and we wish you a wonderful, bright 2018!

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