Kegs Are For More Than Beer!

Wine on tap, or keg wine, is a recent trend in our dear city that stems from the upwards swing of the “eat local” movement. The same principles of eating at restaurants that are owned by neighborhood people and serve locally grown foods are being applied to the wine industry, and have sparked a community of winemakers that only sell in casks or kegs.

The idea isn’t really new, however, because Europeans have been doing it for ages. Bottling wine only came about as a common practice because winemakers wanted to distribute outside of their own region, not because it’s essential to making the wine. Serving out of the cask or keg from which the wine was created offers a sense of connection to the wine itself, as well as to the village or town that produced it.


Serving wine on tap is perfect for the budding winemakers of New York City because it cuts a ton of overhead costs, and doesn’t require a lot of space. Bottling equals products, machinery, and square footage that can cost a crazy amount of money, especially here in NYC.


It works pretty similarly to beer on tap. Once the wine is past the barreling stage, it’s transferred to stainless steel casks, or kegs, where it’s protected from oxidation. These are, of course, reusable, which eliminates waste and storage on the part of the winemaker. The only catch to this seemingly faultless system is that wines cannot age in these kegs, which means wines that need to age will not succeed as a wine on tap.


So where can you find this new trend? Below, we’ve compiled a list of bars serving wine on tap in NYC:




City Winery | 155 Varick St | Live music venue and full scale restaurant


Lois | 98 Loisada Ave | Seasonal small plates for dinner and weekend brunch


Rosemarys | Breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch, plus a rooftop garden


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