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The NY Drinks NY Grand Tasting, held on March 20th, 2018, is one of the most popular events featuring more than 40 New York State wineries. This prestigious event is presented by the New York Wine & Grape Foundation, an organization that holds the honorable responsibility of promoting and supporting the wineries, vineyards, and juice making companies in the great state of New York.

The New York Wine & Grape Foundation was founded in 1985 after the New York grape and wine industry saw a drastic decline in their market. There was a growing need for a centralized organization to lead the promotional and research responsibilities of the wine and juice making industries of NY.

Since then, the Foundation has done a spectacular job of highlighting the incredible wineries in the State of New York, bringing a renewed sense of pride and power to the market. These days, with over 430 wineries and 1,631 family vineyards, the wines of New York are being recognized and considered among some of the country’s best wines, constantly being compared to those of Napa and Oregon.

The NY Drinks NY Grand Tasting is a fantastic showing of over 40 wineries and 200 wines from all over New York, especially from wine regions like the Hudson River Region, the Finger Lakes, the Niagara Escarpment, and Long Island which have recently garnered quite a positive reputation.


It’s an exclusive opportunity for members of the trade and the public to not only taste these amazing wines but also to meet the owners and winemakers who are responsible for them. “It’s like you’re going to the tasting room of that winery yet they’re bringing the tasting room to New York,” says Sam Filler, Executive Director of the NY Wine and Grape Foundation.

The 2018 event is the 7th annual Grand Tasting and this year, the Foundation is proud to sponsor some incredible educational seminars for members of the trade that will inspire innovation within the industry, particularly a seminar featuring the incredible Women Winemakers of New York.

The goal of this year’s event, according to Filler is to “be able to have people discover and taste the quality wines being produced in the state.” As New Yorkers, we know that our state has a lot to offer, in many industries and markets, and that remains true for our wineries and vineyards. To get tickets to the NY Drinks NY event, please visit


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