A Guide to Buying Wine Online

These days, everything we do is online, especially our shopping. We buy everything from clothes to shoes, to electronics and even food, on the internet, so why not buy wine there too? It’s helpful if you’re buying in bulk, particularly if you live in the city, and it’s also a much faster and more convenient way to buy your wine than spend hours browsing in a store.


If you already know what you’re looking for, then the purchasing process is much easier. There are many online retailers that supply just about every color, vintage and flavor that you could possibly imagine.

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Our good friends at Amazon keep making life simple, and now provide their easy platform for wines at www.amazonwine.com. They have deals, packages, and even gift sets if that’s what you need. Simply click on the category, or type it into the search bar, and up comes many, many choices, in a wide variety of prices.  

If you’re looking for a more interactive wine buying experience, try www.winebid.com. It’s a little bit more involved, and is intending for collectors, resembling an eBay-style auction. You can buy or sell any part of your collection, without having to pay full retail price. They have a full staff, including two sommeliers, to help you choose your wine, as well as buy it or ship it.

Maybe you need a little help choosing your wine? Check out www.wine.com. Aptly named, this website has tasting notes, reviews, and flavor profiles for over 7,000 wines. You can even chat with one of their experts if you’re feeling lost, or unsure of your choice. They’ll ship straight to you, and if you’re in New York, it’ll only take one day.

Wine Library is known for their great shipping rates to go with their excellent selection. Half of their wines are under $30 and come from the Napa and Burgundy regions. This is a great resource if you’re looking for something new, as they have their own blog and websiodes on all things wine.

KL Wines has the widest selection is a combination of the first three, with an extremely wide selection, a live auction, and even has wine clubs to keep your collection updated and interesting. Their bottles are reasonably priced and come from a variety of regions, with tasting notes provided for most.

Here are a few tips when buying wine online, from any of these retailers:

  • Some websites may offer steeply discounted wine, but that doesn’t mean they’ll have it in stock. It’s better to pay the actual price and know you’re getting quality product, from a quality source.
  • If you’ve never purchased wine before, try going into an actual wine shop to talk to someone who can help you choose your perfect bottle. Once you know your wine preferences, it will be simple and easy to buy online.
  • Read up on the top selling wines of the season, as well as the best regions and areas for the types of wine you’re interested in. Try Wine Enthusiast Magazine for help.
  • Each state has its own regulations on shipping wine, and some are very strict, so check yours before you buy.

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