Great Gifts For The Wine Lover In Your Life

You know how there are those people that are impossible to buy for? That no matter what you think of, they probably own it? They probably aren’t wine lovers, are they? The good thing about having a wine enthusiast for a friend is there are endless opportunities to surprise them with fun gifts that they will love, and will actually use! Wine comes with many accessories, and each of those accessories has a multitude of options, so go wild! Here are some suggestions for gifts to get your wine-loving friends.



Magisso Cooling Ceramic Bottle Chiller

Certain wines are meant to be served cool, but regular ice buckets are so ugly and they don’t fit the bottle. This ceramic, naturally cooling chiller is perfect for your friend’s favorite bottle (hint: get it for them so they have one to try out the chiller with!), and it’s attractive to boot! All it needs is a quick soak before use, and it will keep your bottle cool till the last drop. $59.95

Twist Decanter

Every wine lover knows the importance of a good decanter, and they probably already have one, but it’s most likely boring and simple. Sure, it gets the job done, but does it look like a piece of art? This one does! The dramatic curves of this twist decanter from Uncommon Goods not only looks nice, but it also aerates your wine twice as the liquid spins down the decanter. Starts at $29.99

Two Bottle Bag

Traveling with wine can be a pain, and no one likes to hear their precious bottles clanging around in a plastic bag. Have no fear! This fun, canvas, two-bottle bag will let the wine-lover in your life safely tote their bottles to the next party without worrying for their safety. It even won a design award, so you know it’s good. $18.95

Engravable Bamboo Set

This set is perfect for the classy wine enthusiast in your life. Complete with a beautiful wine stopper and corkscrew, this bamboo set of tools is sure to add to life of any wine lover. They’re made of sturdy bamboo so they’ll last for a long time. The best part is you can engrave it for them so they always know it’s theirs for life. $17.95

Copper Bottle Stopper

Nothing is worse than recorking a half-finished wine bottle, so take the stress away with this beautiful copper bottle-stopper. Made with sturdy rubber, the corked bottle can even be stored on its side. Have a birthday to shop for? Monogram this beauty for an extra personal touch that’s sure to give your friend all the feels. $24.95

Personalized Wine Glasses

Everyone likes to get customized items as a gift, but nothing is better than a personalized wine glass. This is the best gift for every occasion as you can write anything! Buying for your spouse? Get matching his and hers glasses. Maybe it’s your best friend’s birthday? Write your favorite inside joke so she always laughs and thinks of you every time she takes a drink. $10.00

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