Five Great Wine Clubs to Join

Back in the day, if you wanted variety and spontaneity in your life, you joined a “Something of the Month Club” and every month you’d get a new version of whatever it was. They had everything from cheese to beer to books to you name it.

Now, we have subscription boxes. A fun box of goodies that come from some artisanal land intended to make your friends jealous, at the timed interval of your choice.

Well, seeing as we love wine, we think these subscription wine clubs are just about the best idea ever. Here’s a short list of our favorites!


Before you can purchase anything, there’s a quiz to take on Vinebox’s website to determine what kind of wine you like, how adventurous you are, and what monetary plan you’d like to be on. Then, they take your information and will send you wine by the glass for the amount of time you’ve specified. The cool thing about this one is that it’s by the glass so if you happen to not like it, you’re not wasting an entire bottle. You get three different wines in each box, like your own personalized flight! It’s a great way to find new flavors and wines you may not have tried before.

WSJ Wine Club


One of the classics! The WSJ Wine Club is a little more old school, in that you can order bottles of wine each month to arrive directly at your doorstep but they’re more of a classic variety, rather than newfangled and hipster. However, the quality will always be top-notch. You can ask for the top 12 reds or top 12 whites or even a mix of both to be sent to your house for a pretty affordable price, and you can even see them ahead of time so you know what you’re getting- if you aren’t into surprises.

NYT Wine Club

Similar to the WSJ Wine Club, the NYT Wine Club comes with a bit more prestige. Their selections are expertly sourced and are pretty unique. The reviewers at the Times definitely know what they’re doing so this one is more for the knowledgeable wine drinker. The price is pretty great and you get more than just the wine, as there is a whole pile of information and education that comes in each box as well as perfect pairings for each bottle.

Wine of the Month Club

Ah, the old standard. Here, you can choose your club level which allows you to dictate how many bottles, how much you want to spend, but also the kind of club you want to be in. You can do a club that is just California wine, or one that is a mystery, or a rosé collection. The best part is there is a whole lot to choose from so once you’ve completed a series, you can move on to something else. If you’re ready to seriously invest in your wine education without leaving your house, this is definitely the best way to do it.

Tasting Room

Tasting Room is more of a personalized experience. You take a quiz on their website to determine the style of wines that you’re interested in and each month they send you little mini bottles of wines that fall within those parameters. The more detail you put into rating your samples, the more customized your boxes will be. They have dedicated staff who are selecting each wine for you and they can create totally personalized boxes based off of your feedback which means you can eventually start finding dozens of wines that you absolutely love.

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