York Wine Events

June 16, 2016

Big Apple Zinfandel Experience
powered by ZAP

Consumer Session 7pm to 9pm:
General Admission $85
VIP Early (6pm) Admission $105

Zinfandel generates an enthusiasm and magic that captures our American pioneering spirit in a bottle. At the Big Apple Zinfandel Experience, you’ll meet the makers and experience the quality, versatility and heritage of America’s grape. This distinct varietal engages our imagination and attention like no other, uniting winegrowers, winemakers and wine enthusiasts in the pursuit – Read More



Zinfandel generates an enthusiasm and magic that captures our American pioneering spirit in a bottle. At the Big Apple Zinfandel Experience, you’ll meet the makers and experience the quality, versatility and heritage of America’s grape.

This distinct varietal engages our imagination and attention like no other, uniting winegrowers, winemakers and wine enthusiasts in the pursuit of the preservation and recognition of Zinfandel as America’s Heritage Wine.


Inspired by 25 years of celebrating Zinfandel’s quality, versatility and heritage, the one and only Zinfandel Experience is on the move, captivating the next generation of winemakers and enthusiasts. Winemaking never stands still and Zinfandel Experience is evolving as well. What hasn’t changed is ZAP’s commitment to spreading the word about America’s grape – Zinfandel. It’s been 25 exciting years and the explorations have just begun!

With the Big Apple Zinfandel Experience, New York wine lovers will engage in personal conversations with 20+ winemakers while exploring the flavors of Zinfandel blends, single vineyards and old vine Zinfandels — and discover the distinctive dialects of the Zinfandel growing regions. 75+ different wines will be poured by California’s best Zinfandel producers.

Throughout the Zinfandel Experience, attendees will meet face-to-face with many of the region’s great Zinfandel winemakers. Legendary winemakers who have helped make Zinfandel into California’s cult grape, plus rising stars that are carrying the Zinfandel banner into the future.

Don’t miss this awe inspiring display of award-winning wineries from the Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Central Coast, Lodi, Central Valley, Mendocino and Lake, Sierra Foothills and Southern California. This is a once-a-year opportunity in NYC.

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Artisanal cheese will be available for nibbling, courtesy of the world class Saxelby Cheesemongers. Founded by Anne Saxelby, this New York City cheese shop is a favorite of the city’s most prestigious restaurateurs, including Daniel Boulud, Danny Meyer and Alain Ducasse.

Additional light food sampling will be provided by Li-Lac Chocolates, The Luscious Little Dessert Company, Trois Petits Cochons and Ends Meat.


Cheese Menu

Parmigiano Reggiano

(raw cows’ milk, Emilia-Romagna, Italy)

What?!  I thought this was an all-American cheese shop! Well, it is. But even this American has to admit that no one does Parmesan like the Italians. Wisconsonites may try, but inevitably fall short. I had to make a concession for this one. It’s your classic Parmigiano Reggiano, aged for a minimum of 14 months and made from skimmed cows’ milk from the DOC designated region of production.

Alpha Tolman

Jasper Hill Farm (raw cows’ milk/animal rennet, Hardwick, VT)

This deliciously nutty Alpine-style cheese is named for Alpha Tolman, a philanthropic dairy farmer who made an indelible mark on the town of Greensboro, VT. Among his many good works, building the town library was one of the most important. This cheese is a project that ties together many local enterprises: The milk comes from Andersonville Farm, a dairy close to Jasper Hill that produces excellent quality raw cows’ milk. The cheeses are made at the Hardwick Food Venture Center, a newly constructed food incubator of which Jasper Hill is an anchor tenant. And last but not least, the cheesy know-how comes from Mateo Kehler, master cheesemaker, and owner of Jasper Hill Farm. Fresh wheels are washed with a cultured brine to cultivate a rosy orange rind that imparts a funky depth to the ripening paste beneath. Young wheels have milky, fruit and nut flavors and a smooth mouthfeel. Mature wheels are more bold and meaty with amplified butter and caramelized onion flavors carried by a rich and crystalline texture. Aged between 7 and 11 months in the Cellars at Jasper Hill.


Vermont Shepherd (raw sheep and cows’ milk/microbial rennet, Westminster, VT)

Queso del Invierno translates to ‘Winter Cheese’ as it is made to age and ripen during Vermont’s long winter months. Sheep are very seasonal in their milk production, and are usually milked for just 5-6 months of the year. Traditionally, Vermont Shepherd made pure sheeps’ milk cheese from April through October, and would sell through its inventory long before the new season’s batch was ready. A few years back, Queso del Invierno, a mixed milk cheese made from cow & sheeps’ milk was born, and has given us all a reason to celebrate winter!  The texture is smooth and firm, and the flavor is bright and nutty with a hint of pleasantly sour citrus.

Bayley Hazen Blue

Jasper Hill Farm (raw cows’ milk/animal rennet, Greensboro, VT)

This blue is so good it’s almost obscene. Almost. Named after the Bayley Hazen road, built by George Washington to launch a Canadian invasion way back when, it is creamy and chocolaty and salty, oh my. The craftsmanship executed by the cheesemakers up at Jasper Hill is laudable, and lucky for us, edible too. Each wheel is crafted from the milk of the Kehler’s Ayrshire cows, a breed known for its balanced, yet fatty milk. Kinda makes you thankful we ever had a reason to fight with Canada. Aged for 3-5 months.

Tres Bonne

Boston Post Dairy (pasteurized  goat’s milk/vegetarian rennet, Enosburg Falls, VT)

Boston Post Dairy is named after the Old Post Stagecoach road which runs straight through the farm property.  It boasts a whopping 200 goats producing for the farm’s cheese, soaps, and baked goods. If anything, Tres Bonne is modestly named.  It is truly more than a “very good” aged goat’s milk cheese.  With an unusual golden wax rind, and a fresh, minerally flavor, Tres Bonne makes for a unique addition to the Saxelby Cheese lineup.  It’s firm paste offers notes of fruit, tangy goat feta, and pecorino.  Aged 2-5 months.

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Douglas P. Beckett, Peachy Canyon Winery

Douglas P. Beckett, Peachy Canyon Winery

Douglas Beckett launched Peachy Canyon in 1988 with 350 cases of Zinfandel. Today a limited selection of choice Peachy Canyon wines are available in distribution in the US, Canada, UK, Japan, Korea, and China, with the most limited-allocation, low production wines available direct from the winery in the US.

Randle G. Johnson, Artezin Wines

Randle G. Johnson, Artezin Wines

With Artezin, Randle Johnson handcrafts wines with pure varietal character and focuses on heirloom varieties, being sensitive to their inherent uniqueness and to the terroir in which they grow. Artezin currently produces Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Carignan, Charbono and Mourvedre – an interesting and diverse portfolio.

Steve Storrs, Storrs Winery

Steve Storrs, Storrs Winery

In addition to their efforts with cool climate viticulture in the western Santa Cruz Mountains, beginning with the vintage of 1993 Steve Storrs and Pamela Bianchini-Storrs have been creating renowned Zinfandels from the century‐old vineyards that cling to the rocky foothills of Mount Madonna on the warmer, east‐facing side of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Agostino (“Gus”) Gamba, Gamba Vineyards

Agostino (“Gus”) Gamba, Gamba Vineyards

Agostino Gamba began Gamba Vineyards and Winery in earnest with his wife, Paulette, in 2000, the century age mark of the Gamba Estate Vineyard. Today, as the seventh generation prepares to enter the family business, Gamba Vineyards and Winery maintains a solid belief in the philosophy that great wines are made in the vineyard.


Jess Havill, Bella Grace Vineyards

Bella Grace strives for excellence through sustainable wine growing and hand crafted winemaking. The focus on sustainability also extends to winemaking; much of the wine making is performed by hand, an underground wine cave stores and ages barreled red wines, and a new solar field above the vineyard provides 100% of the winery’s power requirements.

Shelby Perkins, Perkins Harter

Shelby Perkins, Perkins Harter

The first Perkins Harter vintages were blends of Old Vine Zinfandel from 127 year old vines, Petite Sirah from 71 year old vines, and youthful Syrah from the Dry Creek Valley. These very small production wines are made at the Vineyard of Pasterick. We believe the blending of grapes varieties from one place achieves not only a unique expression in wine, but that it fully celebrates a place where one lives and works. These wines are our invitation for you to experience an impression of a place we call home.

Rodney Alex, The Alex Cooper Project

Rodney Alex, The Alex Cooper Project

Rick Cooper and Rodney Alex have partnered to make an world class wine from the legendary Doug Rafanelli Vineyard in Dry Creek Valley. The Alex Cooper Project is committed to pride in terroir and process. Our wines will never hide behind anything. Low alcohol, no new wood, and unfortunately no castle-like winery.. We believe in highlighting the best of a specific region, crushing and vinting with integrity, and then standing back and letting the outstanding result stand on its own.



Zinafandel Advocates & Producers, or ZAP, comprises hundreds of producer members and thousands of advocates, and Zinfandel is now recognized and respected internationally as a world-class red wine that tells an inspiring American story. Its historic association with the Wild West, the Gold Rush, and rugged individualists taming unexplored territory, reminds us of a nation coming of age despite the odds.

Just as Zinfandel differentiates itself with approachable yet unmistakable flavors that provide a discerning sensation for the palate, ZAP and its members create a dynamic community in pursuit of a bright and distinctive future for America’s heritage wine.

*Venue note:  the Union Square Ballroom is ADA accessible.

New York Wine Events hosts elegant wine tasting events at first class venues in New York City and Northern New Jersey. The company’s goal is to provide a wine tasting experience that allows guests to sample as many diverse wines as possible while enjoying great music and the company of other wine lovers.

Its annual events include the NYC Winter Wine Festival at the PlayStation Theater in Times Square, the NYC Spring and Autumn Wine Festivals at NYY Steak in Midtown Manhattan, Brooklyn Crush Wine & Artisanal Food Festival, the North Fork Crush Wine & Artisanal Food Festival, and the New Jersey Harvest, Winter, and Spring Festivals.

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