Around the World in 12 Wines: A Wine & Cheese Tasting


March 2, 2017

6:30pm to 8:30pm
Some Good Wine shop
13 E. 8th St.
btw. 5th & University
New York, NY
12 Wines, 5 cheeses

Some Good Wine, located in Greenwich Village, in partnership with New York Wine Events, presents Around the World in 12 Wines: A Greenwich Village Wine & Food Tasting.  Come to one of the country’s most eclectic and interesting wine shops for a unique wine and cheese tasting experience!

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Some Good Wine was just featured in the New York Times!

“Some Good Wine, on West Eighth Street in Greenwich Village, offers a wide range mostly from small producers. The owner, Jeremy Block, has a particular passion for wines from the Canary Islands, Corsica and the Czech Republic.” – Eric Asimov, New York Times, February 2016

About the Around the World in 12 Wines: A Greenwich Village Wine & Food Tasting

Ticket buyers will be treated to a tasting of 12 outstanding wines bottled in iconic Old World and New World wine regions; the 12 wines will be divided evenly between white and red varietals. At previous Some Good Wine tastings, attendees have tasted a top of the line Sancerre followed up by a stellar New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, a luscious California Chardonnay followed up with an earth and mineral driven white Burgundy and many other superlative selections.

In addition, the wines will be paired with a curated selection of artisanal cheeses from Saxelby Cheesemongers! Here’s what Edible Manhattan had to say about Anne Saxelby, the founder of Saxelby Cheesemongers:

“The biggest thing in American cheese since sliced bread…Saxelby has acted as a talent agent for the best local cheesemakers, winning many of them places in bigger shops, on restaurant menus and in our mouths and minds. ‘Anne is the most sophisticated boutique fromagère—or cheesemonger— in the U.S.,’ says Daniel Boulud, one of the country’s most respected chefs.” – Brian Halwell, Edible Manhattan, March 2012


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Get an Education in Fine Wine

This is not a simple swirl, sniff and sip wine tasting. A comprehensive tutorial will be provided by Some Good Wine’s resident oenophiles, leaving attendees feeling a few points higher on the wine IQ test at the end.

The wine team at Some Good Wine loves to get geeky and talk Jura soil variation and personal winemaker details with the best of them, but they don’t want put off wine novices either. They believe snobbery in the wine world is a disease greater than phylloxera. Some Good Wine is a judgement-free zone: whether you like buttery Chardonnay or put in a request for a brand name wine, Some Good Wine is here to elevate your wine shop experience with customer service not to be forgotten.

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About the Some Good Wine Shop

The Some Good Wine Shop prides itself on carrying wines that it hand picks for quality and taste. There’s one question in particular the team at Some Good Wine enjoy answering: “What do you carry that’s good?” Their answer: “a lot.” These wine connoisseurs favor artisanal spirit over commercial appeal and small batch production over large scale assembly lines. Some Good Wine features the largest selection of Corsican wines, Canary Island Wines and non-Kosher Israeli wines in the United States.  They’ve got over 30 different Chablis, 60 different Sicilian wines; over 80 craft spirits from New York; over 50 gins, 30 Amaros, on and on and on.