Event Spotlight: Summer Rosé and Bubbly Festival

If you live, well, anywhere, then you know that rosé is the wine to drink. It’s everywhere- especially in the summer- and millennials have taken this centuries-old wine and made it popular again. In fact, rosé may be the world’s oldest wine, dating back so far that we can’t even put a specific year on its inception.

As of last year, rosé sales had risen a whopping 53% throughout the country, with New York coming in at the top with 25% of America’s total rosé consumption. So, naturally with that claim to fame, and our dedication to New York’s love of wine, we decided to throw our very own rosé festival!

Join us in Long Island (of course) on July 28th for a fantastic celebration of this delicious pink drink! We’ll be celebrating at the gorgeous Palmer Vineyards, one of our longtime winery partners, to learn about and enjoy some delicious rosé and sparkling wines!


Like all of our events, you’ll the exclusive opportunity to meet and mingle with award-winning winemakers from all over New York, and taste their incredible wines. These individuals are the true heart and soul of the wine community, and their knowledge is extremely valuable to those who want to learn about the industry so don’t miss this chance!

Now, it wouldn’t be a festival without some tasty bites to go along with all of that wine, so we’ll be providing delicious snacks and treats throughout the day. You can enjoy a crostini bar, gorgeous cheese platters, and beautiful crudité sourced from local and family-owned farms.

We’ll even give you a ride! You can get on the New York Wine Events bus right in Manhattan and we’ll take you out to the vineyard. If you haven’t gotten your tickets for the first annual Summer Rosé and Bubbly Festival, now is definitely the time to do so!

Be sure to dress in your favorite summer pink-chic!

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