Event Spotlight: Big Apple Zinfandel Experience

Here at New York Wine Events, we believe that all wines are special and have their own place in the world. What can we say, we’re equal opportunity wine lovers.

Over the years, we’ve noticed that the Zinfandel has gotten a little (or a lot) of slack and we’re not sure why. Zin can get a reputation for being a cheap wine that college kids drink when they first become legal, or for being the stuff of lazy housewives, like the stereotype used to be back in the day.

Well we’re not here for that. In fact, we’re so against that idea that every year, we throw a massive event to celebrate the Zin called the Big Apple Zinfandel Experience powered by the Zinfandel Advocates & Producers (ZAP.)

The Zinfandel has a bit of a confusing history. It technically started in Europe, somewhere around Croatia, but its true roots began here in the United States in the 1820s. Because of this, most folks in the industry call it America’s varietal, which is pretty awesome since we don’t really have any others that were born and raised here.


It was no accident that this grape was brought over to America. Just ask Julie Johnson, owner and winemaker at Tres Sabores (one of our visiting winemakers for the event), who says the Zin was very purposefully transported to America “because its brilliant upfront fruit character and natural acidity makes it particularly versatile and outstanding with food.” The Zinfandel has a strong connection to wherever it’s planted- the terroir of its region- which means it takes on the nuances of its home.

So why host an event to celebrate just one varietal? Well, sadly, there are hundreds of Zinfandel plants that are being re-purposed for newer, cooler varietals, which means the ones that are left are truly historic. As Johnson says, “where Zinfandel still grows now is absolutely where it should grow; there’s a symbiosis with the terroir and you just have to know that those wines are going to be incredible.“

Although New York isn’t home to any Zinfandel wineries, we do have one of the most advanced culinary palates of any city in the world, and our people know good wine. The Zin winemakers that will be attending our Big Apple Zinfandel Experience are the ones who have really dug in deep to produce artisanal wines that honor the history of this American varietal.

Make sure you grab your tickets today to meet Julie Johnson and dozens of others incredible Zinfandel winemakers and winery owners and get your chance to learn and drink this gorgeous American wine!

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