Event Spotlight: 2018 Harvest East End

If you’ve learned anything from reading our blog posts, it’s probably that we are really, really proud of the home wine regions here in the state of New York, especially those on Long Island. Over the last few years, we’ve spent valuable time exploring and researching the wineries and vineyards of the burgeoning Long Island Wine Country and discovered that we have a viticultural gold mine just outside our great city.

The Long Island Wine Region comprises over 60 wineries and is represented by the Long Island Wine Council, who, in conjunction with Harvest East End (501c3) is putting on the 2018 Harvest East End – Celebrating Our Agricultural Roots wine event. The Council is the association of incredible wine owners who really take pride in their community of wine producers and vineyards, and, along with Harvest East End, come together to host this event to show the public the amazing people who are the foundation of their wine community.

While this is the 10th time they’ve hosted the Annual Harvest East End festival, this is really only the 2nd celebration of the rebirth of the event. Over the last few years, the event had tapered off to some extent, and the council felt it needed to be renewed with a bigger focus on the Long Island wine community.

The new Harvest East End celebration honors those who have spent their lives laying the foundation for the wine producing community of Long Island.

“This is an opportunity to pay it forward to those who were pivotal in helping to establish this region, and to celebrate the lives of these people who are responsible for us being here now in the industry,” says Juan Micieli-Martinez, President of Harvest East End, and the general manager of Martha Clara Vineyards, a participating vineyard in the Long Island Wine Council.

This event is special because it’s hosted by the truly integral members of the wine industry. As a guest, you have the opportunity to taste library and reserve wines from innovative wineries on Long Island, and your samples will be poured by the vineyard owners, winemakers, and producers themselves.

Not only is Harvest East End going to be a one of a kind event, it’s also for a good cause. The proceeds from the celebration will be going to Hudson River Healthcare, an amazing organization that provides comprehensive free or reduced health care to anyone in need, regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay, and Cornell Cooperative Extension which provides valuable information to Long Island’s agricultural community.

Get your tickets now for the Harvest East End celebration on August 4th at Martha Clara Vineyards. Make sure to use Promo Code EBHEE for 15% early bird discount. Micieli- Martinez says, “At Harvest East End, you will become a part of Long Island wine history.”

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