10 Wine Labels So Pretty You Could Hang Them on Your Wall

What flows from here (in a particular order that has nothing to do with rank) are the 10 best wine labels you just have to steal for some wall art!

Designed by the Beetle Creative


This is the coolest and most cutting-edge, gem-of-a-tree label. So cool it’s not even on a brand yet! Only small-batch finest wines could afford this laser cut design. It’s paper, even though the slight burn of the laser really gives a feeling of wood, and elegance galore. Elevating this design off the bottle gives it a beautiful shadow. Just a begging suggestion, if you pick this bottle for your wine, please do not write your winery on it. In fact, don’t write anything on it. It’s perfect.

Bixgrod by Motif’s colorful collection


This label of “fine art wines” tells you already that this label is fit for the wall. This color theory is spot on for grapes… or a sultry feel to your dining room. Let those  repetitious triangles and rhombuses hypnotize you. So modern.

Inkwell Wines


This is living in frames, actually, of psychologists and barter grad students and social work majors. Suggesting you are open minded and intelligent, this will be a great conversation piece for your wall. The greyscale will pop and go with any color, even boring beige. It would look great next to your grandkids’ limb prints. Make this label yourself with a dab of paint and fold it in half! That’s fridge worthy, but frame? To achieve the same effect, you’d have to paint on a book and print it on glass, and you’d be hard pressed to make it look as good as this sleek image. Frame worthy.

Root: 1, Chilean wine 

enhanced-15811-1414610177-2 (1)

This has the same ‘smart effect’ as the ink blot, but more concrete AND pop art. Because you recognize this household image you tap a root of familiarity. Also the image is archetypal, family tree, and let’s not go into the parallel reproductive nature of trees… The descriptive dirt here will please any left-brained individual who has a passion for history. This image is especially lustrous because it’s printed right on the glass. Can you imagine this printed right on a glass frame and see through to your wall? Oooh.

Seriously Pink Apera – A blend Including Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz and Gewürztraminer


Featuring a new color you can’t even pronounce. Place it on your walls with this splash of grape action. Picture this in the kitchen! It’ll make the food splashes and bits on the wall part of the decor, and you will appear very subtly meta-self-conscious (trust me, that’s a good thing).

R Wine Southern Gothic Poor Thing Grenache 2008


This label has the Australian edge with a beautiful triptych reminding you to be shot with cupid’s sweet arrows and not the dogs of the woods. All the things of great realism are here: a message, a story, the skill, the class, the antiquity… It’s reminiscent of Primavera by Sandro Botticelli (created 1477-1482) meets…a draft of an Anime we like?  As in a Shakespearian play with pets, that dog is going to pop that bubbly!

/M/A/S/H/ creates Readhead’s label for their wine, Return Of The Living Red


Love is in the mystery and sometimes a product will deliver that to you – or on your behalf. Plus these images are graphic, and it seems really cool to frame them, hang them as if it’s a degree. You are graduating the human line. You know you love zombies and vampires as well as our doctors and a shout out to our special cadaver explorers. These images pave the way for intellectualism to shout from your taste buds. Put these guys in the contemplation space, please. Not where you eat, because the edge is found in the fact that yeah, they are a little scary.

Darius ll Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2005


Get me a glass! And a frame! A couple of wine labels that use a mandala for bottle beautification, but Darius ll takes the cake! This label is etched. Not your basic-laser printer! Hmm, the texture! Designs like this bring peace to your mind, and center you. As a bonus, hanging in your home it also says, “I’m worldly, educated and spiritual.”

Blosson Cave Sparkling Wine by PACKLAB of Finland


This label makes us think of all those eco-porn, we artists call them, calendars, with the nice glossy photograph of nature. Or grandma’s curtains. If it’s good enough for drapes, calendars, couches and wall paper so why not a frame? Sometimes you just want a realistic happy image to admire and inspire, and it’s better in the shape of a bottle.

Tierra Earth Wine

Tierra Earth Wine35

This label is devoted to our roots: A canvas of…dirt? Odd choice, sure. But if those flowers look good, we acknowledge nature…God even, is the greatest artist and even the dust we come from is beautiful. This is the minimalist, conceptualist version of Rothko’s all black paintings. Brush some lacquer on it (ignore the irony, and detriment to the whole point conceptually…) and these clods will stay up, defying gravity, grounding your space and making your the hippest decorator on earth.

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