Class Up Your Fast Food Dinner

Sure, fast food is a cheap, easy solution to being hungry, but it doesn’t have to be a sad meal. What’s the easiest way to make any fast food meal more elegant? Wine, of course!

We’ve paired classic fast food menu items with delicious wines so you can take that drive- in dinner to a classier level (but don’t drink in the car!)


McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets: Salty and delicious, these bad boys need something crisp and slightly sweet to really jazz them up- like a Brut sparkling wine! The gentle carbonation will complement the nuggets as a soda would but without the overwhelming sugary taste.


Pizza Hut Pizza: While this pizza is the pretty far from being the most delicious pizza in the world, sometimes it really does hit the spot. Pair it with a Sangiovese, especially if you’re getting the Meat Lovers, as the hearty, oaky nature will go nicely with the saltiness of cured meat.


Wendy’s Bacon Cheeseburger: This burger is the kind of fast food burgers, and therefore requires a bold wine to accompany it. Bring in the California Syrah! A well-balanced Syrah, especially those from California, will offer a great smoky quality to pair nicely with the meats in this meal.


Taco Bell Beef Tacos: Crunchy, salty, meaty, these tacos need something spicy to bring out their best flavors. Look for a Tempranillo. This Spanish wine packs a fun punch with its spicy, peppery quality that will really help bump up those two dollar tacos.


KFC Hot Wings: Kentucky Fried Chicken definitely delivers on their chicken. It’s always crispy and salty, and the hot wings are nice and hot. For this, you’ll want a deep red Pinot Noir. The fruity, floral aromas of the Pinot are perfect to offset that spice.

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