Can Drinking Wine Really Prevent Colon Cancer?

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 Credit: Geoff Parsons

By R.J. Huneke

Ongoing studies say… YES, drinking red wine can prevent colon cancer and colitis.

How exactly are the tasty merlots of the world so healthy? Well the chemical found in grape skins and red wine, Resveratrol, has been proven to act as an anti-inflammatory, preventing heart disease and diabetes, and recent studies are revealing how at a molecular level Resveratrol is killing unrepaired cells in the body, or in laymen’s terms seeking and destroying the messed up DNA in the body that eventually can go on to mutate into cancer.


As little as a couple of glasses of red vino a week can create a healthy defense against colon cancer, which is a dangerously unpredictable disease due to the majority of instances being non-hereditary, so far as we know, and we are still learning more about it every day. Excessive drinking of any type of alcohol can lead to and increased chance of damaging cells in the body and afterward leading to cancer.


But newest studies indicate that moderate consumption of red wine is a great way to clear the body of damage. “Now, resveratrol challenges these cells – the ones with unrepaired DNA damage are killed, so they can’t go on to cause cancer. Alcohol damages cells and resveratrol kills damaged cells,” says Robert Sclafani, PhD, investigator at the University of Colorado Cancer Center and professor of biochemistry and molecular genetics at the CU School of Medicine.

Do not underestimate the growing power of a bottle of red. The chemical in red wine is a natural one that emerges from the grapes as a naturally occurring polyphenol that exhibits pleiotropic health beneficial effects, including anti-inflammatory, cardio-protective, and cancer-protective activities. It is recognized as one of the more promising natural molecules in the prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune disorders.

Further prevention of colon cancer is to limit, treat and at the least keep ulcerative colitis under control, because chronic inflammatory disease of the colon greatly increases the risk of colon cancer. Another amazing property of this red wine secret ingredient is that it significantly improves the inflammation score in the digestive system by downregulating the percentage of neutrophils. The Resveratrol reduces stress and inflammation, as anyone who has partaken in a vibrant and gratifying draught of scarlet vino, can tell you.

Let the glass or two of deliciousness carry the science forward. Just last year, researchers published at Oxford Press that feeding tumor bearing mice with resveratrol resulted in a complete remission in 33% of the mice and a 97% decrease in tumor size in the remaining mice [indicating] that resveratrol can prevent the formation and growth of colorectal tumors by downregulating Kras expression.

It seems the medical community is finally coming to terms with what red wine connoisseurs have known for generations: red wine is healthy!

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