Bubble Bubble: 10 Sparkling Rosés for the Summer

Who doesn’t love a good rosé in the summer? And we all love sparkling wines for a celebration! So why not drink them at the same time?


Yes, sparkling rosé is a thing, and we totally love it. Find our list below of ten delicious sparkling rosés that will jazz up your summer.

Alta Alella 2015 Mirgin Rosé Reserva Brut Nature Sparkling (Cava)

The understated salmon color of this Spanish beauty eludes to its neutral, even flavors, like currant and raspberry that leave a nice, clean finish at the end of every sip. ($22)



Clos La Soleya NV Brut Rosé Sparkling (Cava)

This Cava is going to be the star of any event with its peach and nectarine aromas, and the foamy, slightly bitter tendencies that will leave you wanting more. ($18)


Mistinguett NV Brut Rosé Sparkling (Cava)

If you’re looking for a standard rosé that will bring joy to your table without overpowering your dinner party, this is the one. It’s fruit forward, citrusy, and delicious. ($17)


Bedell 2015 Sparkling Rosé Sparkling

Hailing from our own Long Island, this gorgeous sparkler is everything a rosé should be: fruity, bubbly, and pink! It’s sweet and crisp, making it perfect for a warm summer night spent on a roof or patio. ($45)


Davis Family 2014 Rosé de Noir Dutton Ranch Pinot Noir (Russian River Valley)

This bubbly beauty is made entirely from Pinot Noir, which gives it a much bolder, albeit light, flavor. With notes of cherry and orange, it’s perfect for a picnic!  ($55)


Baron-Fuenté NV Esprit Rosé de Saignée

Although this wine is technically a Champagne, it is also a rosé, which makes it double the amount of delicious. The darkness comes from the skins of red grapes, giving it a delicious flavor. ($35)


Simonnet-Febvre NV Brut Rosé

Made in the notable region of Burgundy, this one is soft yet crisp, and will deliver that perfect fruity flavor we all want out of our rosé. ($19)


14 Hands NV Brut Methode Champenoise Rosé

This one hails from our very own country, and it’s got its own unique flair with lemon peels, brioche, and raspberry. It’s sweet but totally delicious. ($15)


Sylvestra 2015 Brut Nature Rosé

This rosé brings a lot to the table with its tart flavors of orange, grapefruit, and tropical fruits, and a nice big punch of sweetness to top it off. ($25)


Global Wines NV Encontro Q do E Rosé Bruto Classico

Out of Portugal, this delicately pink rosé is gentle and soft and has an earthy, yeasty flavor that is full of berries and fruit. ($8)


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