Beyond IPA: Five Great USA Craft Pilsner Beers

Here at New York Wine Events, we do love wine but we also appreciate a wide variety of beverages. Craft alcohols, whether it’s spirits, wine, or beer, all require a level of talent and artistry to create and we respect those who achieve their goals of producing something unique and beautiful.

Although we also believe that every season is a season for wine, fall tends to be great for a beautiful craft beer, especially if you’re a football fan. Most people assume that IPAs constitute a craft beer but that’s so far from the case. All over America, there are craft breweries making beers of many types with an extremely wide spectrum of character and flavor.

If you’re looking for a special brew that is truly delicious for all occasions, look no further than the pilsner. A good pilsner will be malty but slightly sweet with a hearty hoppy flavor but not as intense as an IPA. It originated in Germany but there are few varieties like American Imperial and Bohemian, each with their own deviations from the standard, usually in the hops content.

Here are five fantastic pilsners, all brewed here in America, for you to enjoy this fall.

Prima Pils | Victory Brewing Co. | Pennsylvania

Named after the German exclamation for expressing joy, this brew is herbal and hoppy without being too overpowering. Delicious as a side to your pizza dinner or that juicy burger you love so much.

Pilsner | Five Boroughs Brewing | Brooklyn

This New Yorker is modeled after a Czech style pilsner with a lighter feel and a clean, slightly bitter finish. Just like the residents of this great city, it’s unique and should be appreciated for its complicated nature.


Bibo | Creature Comforts | Georgia

The word “bibo” in Latin means “I drink” and that’s exactly what you’ll do with this beauty. Crisp, dry, and classic, and full of hops- you can’t go wrong.

Vliet | Threes Brewing | Brooklyn

Threes Brewing knows how to make a good beer and this pils is no different. There isn’t anything flashy or outrageous here- just high-quality brew that is perfectly balanced and refreshing.

Florida Room | Hoof Hearted | Ohio

Most wouldn’t think Ohio when thinking of craft breweries but Hoof Hearted does it right. The Florida Room pils is light and refreshingly hoppy and even throws in a fruity taste that’s original and also slightly hard to place.


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