The Best Wines to Drink This Holiday Season

Ah, the holidays, that special time of year when we gather around the table with loved ones and eat until we can’t feel our toes. From your traditional friendsgiving to Christmas at Grandma’s house, and Hanukkah at Aunt Sadie’s, each occasion and tradition is beautiful and enjoyable, and each should be accompanied by a tasty bottle of wine. Below, we’ve outlined the best kinds of wine to drink at the holiday table and a few suggestions for each!



The main focus when looking for a white wine for your holiday table is the level of sweetness. A dry white wine is going to attack your dinner with too much acidity and will leave your mouth feeling confused. This is why a delicious Riesling or Pinot Grigio will be the best choice. They tend to be on the sweeter side and will accompany the lighter flavors of the table without overpowering any flavors.


  • 2015 Glenora Riesling: Sweet and fruity, with juicy flavors such as mango and peach, this bottle is perfect to sip with all of your delicious pies. $14
  • Cloudy Bay 2008 Late Harvest Riesling: Hailing from New Zealand, this delicately sweet riesling is the elegant way to finish off your holiday meal. $25
  • Hogue Pinot Grigio: By far the most affordable, the Hogue is a lovely addition to the holiday table with sweet, fresh aromas of apple. $10


Red wines can be a bit tougher on the holidays because they also tend to be drier and have more of a kick. However, with the right combination of spice and sweet, you can really complement the proteins of your meal. Take the Zinfandel, for example. They’re perfect for Thanksgiving because they’re extremely fruity and dark, which goes great with cranberry sauce, or a cherry pie. Be careful though, a good Zin can have a pretty high alcohol content and you don’t want to end up making Grandma mad. 


Surprise! Yes, sparkling wine can actually be your best choice for a holiday meal. The bubbles are a great asset when you’re overstuffing yourself because of their lightness, but generally, a sparkling wine is going to have a more delicate, fruity flavor. They have no chance of taking over the tasty flavors of your table and will instead just be a gentle compliment.

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