Best Wines Under $15


Delicious wine doesn’t have to break the bank. Of course, there are bottles that will cost hundreds of dollars and those are guaranteed to be incredible, however, you can find an enjoyable variety for just under $15! Shocking, right?

Nope. Check out the list below for the best reds and whites under $15, so you can be a wine snob and still pay your rent.



McManis 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon: Hailing from California, this Cabernet is rich with oaky flavors, and a delicious fruity finish. Complete with a spicy overtone, this wine is great for a steak dinner, or a tasty chocolate dessert. Wine Enthusiast 90 points, $11

Dark Horse 2014 Pinot Noir: True to its Pinot Noir name, this red is smooth and bold, with delicious cedar and red berry flavors. It’s light and polished with complimentary floral notes. Wine Enthusiast 88 Points, $12.99

Fetzer 2012 Eagle Peak Merlot: Sweet and oaky, this Merlot is sure to shine at your dinner table. It’s full of delicious flavors like plum and cinnamon, and finishes with a delicate acidity. Wine Enthusiast 88 Points, $10

Finca Flichman 2013 Misterio Reserva Malbec: Don’t be intimidated by its exotic name; this Malbec is simple, fresh and delicious. With plum and berry aromas, and flavors of chocolate and coffee, this bottle is worth every penny. Wine Enthusiast 90 points, $12


Geyser Peak 2012 Sauvignon Blanc: Light and crisp, this Sauvignon Blanc is full of bright citrus flavors and is delicately acidic. It’s pleasantly dry to leave a clean feeling in your mouth, and possesses a refreshing quality that is sure to please. Wine Enthusiast 90 points, $8.99

Bogle 2013 Chardonnay: A good Chardonnay is composed of apple and pear tastes, and this bottle does its job well. Clean and pure, it has a rich taste and smooth finish. Wine & Spirits 88 points, $9.99

2010 Indaba Chenin Blanc: Produced in South Africa, this Chenin Blanc is fresh and easy to drink. Full of pure aromas like apple, nectarine and floral notes, this intense wine is delicious and robust for a great price. Wine Enthusiast 86 points, $10

King Estate Acrobat 2014 Pinot Gris: Bright and refreshing, this Oregon-based wine is fruit-filled and delicious. It’s made of pear, citrus and tropical fruits, and is complimented by honeyed apricots. Wine Enthusiast 88 points, $12.99


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