10 Best Napa Valley Wineries You HAVE to Visit This Summer

Napa Valley has a long love story with grapes. George C. Yount was one of the first Anglo-Saxon settlers of the area and he started a vineyard. Grapes belong in this rich volcanic soil of Mt. Helena — but of course, wine does not create itself. Taking expertise and dedication back to their vineyards these ten wineries have who and what it takes.


All You Need to Do Is Check Out This List of the Top Ten Napa Valley Wineries for Yourself

Caressing the land, plucking the fruit, storing it just right…. The blood of their labor can now caress your tongue.

  • Robert Mondavi Winery – Established 1966 /  Mr. Mondavi crafts his signature wine Fumé Blanc, committed with a spirit of innovation with the time honored techniques. Genevieve Janssens runs the show and earned Winemaker of the Year by Wine Enthusiast 2010. Join them July 16th for a 50th Anniversary Party and/or on Saturday August 27th. Or try a Fumé Blanc by ordering here.
  • Dell Dotto Napa Historic Winery and Tasting Room – Established 1996 / Boasts  hand dug
    caves of 1885 in which red wines are aged. Family owned, stamped with their crest, these fermented grapes are grown with pride in organic farming practices.There’s a chef to prepare food paired with Dell Dotto wines, so you could have not just a taste of Dell Dotto but fine dining with fine, fine wine.
    To purchase some of your own click here.
  • Rutherford Ranch Winery- Established in 1977 / Renamed in 2001, Rutherford Ranch is family owned and managed, committed to sustainability, and perhaps one of the most renowned of the 16 sub-appellations in Napa Valley with a wide selection.  Join them for a darling event, the 8th Annual Art Fair, Saturday June 11. Taste their wine from home by ordering on their site.
  • Hall – St. Helena – Established in 2003 / Located just south of St. Helena, spend these fantastic Sundays at Noon in June 12, July 17, August 7, September 18 at this Certified Organic (by the California Certified Organic Farmers), LEED certified winery. Hall is committed to sustainability and runs a tight ship; a team member for every aspect of growth to production, from seed to your mouth. From over 70 vineyards you can choose to order here; have some.
  • The Hess Collection Winery – Established 1978 / We’d all do well to live by the Hess axiom “Nurture the land, and return what you take.” Priorities there land hard on sustainable and environmentally sound practices. They brag about higher altitude grapes from the rich volcanic soil, and bouncing back from a 2014 earthquake that damaged the buildings. The place is in good hands with Dave Guffy as the second winemaker to ever steer the wheel at Hess. Click here to browse the multiple vineyards of The Hess Colleciton.
  • Chateau Montelena – Established 1882 / A gorgeous stone castle, as well as the wine is the gem here. On the hillside of Mt. Helena with 3 feet thick walls creating a naturally regulated environment. We could say Chateau Montelena were the original ‘green’ growers. If you don’t make it all the way north in Napa Valley to Calistoga there’s a tasting room in San Francisco, too. To buy this antiquity’s current wine click here.
  • Trefethen Family Vineyards – Established 1960’s / Tucked away on Highway 29 Trefethen is a hidden gem, preferring to stay close to its roots and wanting you to meet those grape roots, too. There is a Harvest event where you can buy tickets and harvest with these experts, like Loren Trefethen, on September 24 @ 10 am. To learn more about the Trefethen Family wines click here.
  • Franciscan Estate – Established 1973 / Started by two friends Justin Meyer and Raymond Duncan 35 years ago, this estate adores modern techniques with an olden-day pioneering feel, and small lot fine wines, which grow Oakville, the heart of Napa Valley. Their tasting room resides further north toward the mountain. Don’t miss their big cheese of events: Mount Veeder Party – July 30 @ 2pm. Click here for details.

That’s a Lot to Explore in Napa Valley….

In all the world, Napa Valley would easily rank top ten for places to turn seed and water to wine. Within this fertile region, there you have it: the top ten to taste within reach of Mt. Helena…from beaches to castles to caves to amazing parties to the finest of dining when wine-ing!

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