Beach, Summer, Drinks: The Best Bars of the Hamptons

By Cherie Yanek

Summer. It’s time for frosty cocktails and the beach and cold glasses of wine and long hours of sunlight and cold delicious beers. After a winter like we’ve had, we deserve to have an awesome summer. Relaxing. Swimming in the ocean. Reading trashy novels in the sand. Taking all of our vacation days. Buying sunblock in bulk. Calling in sick on gorgeous days to bike along the shore. Enjoying awesome weather.

There are some excellent places to spend your summer drinking on the eastern end of Long Island – whether you start with your bikini still on, or after the barbecue has turned off. Many of the places offer food, so going with an appetite can be a great idea.



Brix & Rye

308 Main St,Greenport

A wonderful pizza restaurant is attached, but let’s talk about the bar! They have really creative, wonderful cocktails – that’s why you should go there. The bartenders – I mean, mixologists – excel at making truly delicious drinks to sip. The Northside Collins is a must on really hot days – gin, cucumber, mint, lime, pampelmouse, and soda. If you like bourbon and campari, try the Backsliding Presbyterian – it’s a combination of bourbon, campari, lemon, soda, and ginger. Refreshing on a hot summer’s day.

668 The Gigshack

782 Main Street, Montauk

A great place for food (The fish tacos are amazing!), but also nightlife. With a super friendly vibe, great live music, laid-back atmosphere, and friendly staff, this is a great place to stop for a drink or two. The bar has a great selection of beer, and even cider.

South Hampton Social Club

256 Elm Street, Southampton

While there’s some great food, people come here to dance. There’s a more diverse crowd on the dance floor than other places, though there is a strictly enforced dress code. The dancing is really great, so come here with lots of energy and ready to go.

SL East

44 Three Mile Harbor Rd, East Hampton

If you’re looking for a big club, this is it. This club has a big-time club atmosphere, with good DJs. It can get quite crowded, especially on holiday weekends (But where is it not crowded on holiday weekends in the Hamptons?), so making a reservation is a very good idea. The crowd tends to be younger, but very lively and fun.

Zum Schneider

4 South Elmwood Avenue, Montauk

This great Bavarian bierrhaus is a must for beer-lovers. You’re coming here because you like beer. And pretzels. And the brats. But the beer.  They do have a few options for non-beer drinkers – wines, and even a few unusual-sounding cocktails. Oh, and they also have brunch, and fantastic live music.

Summer Sunset

Navy Beach

Navy Beach

16 Navy Rd, Montauk

What’s so special about Navy Beach? It’s on the beach. It’s one of the most spectacular places to watch the sunset. The wine choices are really great, and there’s a full food menu as well. Don’t miss the tropical cocktails. However,  if you want to be guaranteed a beach seat for sunset, book a reservation in advance.

The Sloppy Tuna

148 Emerson Ave, Montauk

People love The Sloppy Tuna. They do have a full menu with things like tacos, ceviche, burgers, and a watermelon feta salad. But people come here to get drinks – big, sloppy, tropical drinks. It’s way more laid back than the typical Hamptons bar – it’s located on the beach, and people often come straight from the beach. The parties are awesome, and if you get the chance to go for a themed night, don’t miss it. Oh, and if you don’t believe us about the sloppiness – check out the gallery of photos.

The Boardy Barn

270 West Montauk Highway, Hampton Bays

This place gives mixed reactions, but those who love it LOVE it. It’s a younger crowded, and your day will be hot and covered with beer – so if that’s not your thing, don’t go. But go expecting to be covered by beer, have your shoes covered by beer, lots of crowds of happy, drunk people – and you will have fun. Beers are $2, hot dogs $1, and lots of happy yellow smiley face stickers are free. They’re open Sundays only, but it’s a fun way to spend your Sunday – if you’re into that sort of thing.

Wölffer Estate Vineyard 

139 Sagg Rd, Sagaponack

Okay, it’s not a bar, but this one is a bonus for you – and anyway, it’s so much more fun than a bar! Wölffer Estate Vineyard is a phenomenal winery on gorgeous landscape out on the island. You can stop by seven days a week for wine tastings, and compliment your tastings with cheese and charcuterie. Best of all, Friday and Saturdays afternoons and evenings in the summer feature live music, wines by the bottle, and snacks. It’s a great way to relax, and best of all, entry is complimentary.

Where will you be drinking this summer in the Hamptons?

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