8 Super Stylish Wine Racks

By Taryn Lachter, Staff Writer

A good wine collection is important, and so is the rack in which you store it. We New Yorkers know that space is a rare commodity, especially within our kitchens, so your wine rack probably needs to serve as some sort of decoration as well. We just don’t have the room to throw any old shelf up and call it a day, and we’re very picky about what gets to use up our precious square footage. Below are eight super stylish wine racks to hold your valued wine collection. They vary in size and price, but they’re all easy to find and can be shipped right to your door.




  If space is a concern for you, this rack is perfect. Because of its vertical nature, you can store up to eight bottles without taking up too much room on your counter top. The black color makes it easy to fit with any decorative color scheme, and the funky design makes this wine rack its own piece of art. Plus it’s from Target, and who doesn’t love Target? $14.99 plus shipping


Traditional and clean, this Kamenstein rack conveys sophistication and class. It holds up to eight bottles, and will fit snugly on any countertop. The dark wood is light, yet sturdy, and will safely hold your collection. Because the bottles are stored horizontally, the corks stay moist, keeping your wine fresher for longer, until you’re ready to drink. Amazon can have this beauty to you in just a matter of days. $21.99


This great piece is found on Etsy, which means it’s fairly unique and will make a nice statement on your kitchen wall. Not too expensive, and not too bulky either, it stores six bottles and can be purchased in a dark walnut finish or Early America, whichever suits your taste. Just right for the beginning collector looking for a sophisticated way to show off. $39.50 plus shipping


This 12 bottle rack is made of steel, and comes in a fun, artistic design and will bring a nice decorative touch to your home. The intricate, modern style provides a unique way to show off your collection without breaking the bank. $20.50


Growing your collection but don’t like the standard wine racks out there? Check out this interesting, wavy design. It comfortably stores 12 bottles of wine, and features an elegant shape that is sure to impress your guests. $63.99 plus shipping



Also from Etsy, this piece is simple, understated, and beautiful. While it only stores three bottles, it’s a perfect conversation starter and will easily blend with any kitchen decor. It’s made from birch or aspen, bringing a nice light finish to the room.  Although it’s at a higher price point, it’s also a higher quality item, perfect for the collector with expensive taste. $70 plus shipping



For a more rustic look, go with this piece. The curved wooden design makes this wine rack stand out on your wall, while providing a comfortable home for five delicious bottles of wine. Made from reclaimed wood and recycled iron, this wine rack is sure to be a conversation starter. $79.99


This piece requires a little more wall space and is a tad bit more expensive but it’s well worth. Crafted from metal, this contemporary wine rack will show off ten of your best bottles, in a modern black finish that is sure to go with your interior decoration. $88.99

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