8 Manhattan Drinks You Need to Sip, Slurp, or Gulp ASAP

By Ryan Frankel

1. What to Drink and Where To Get It: Reisling Estate at Junoon Restaurant (above)

Bonus: Sit in Junoon’s beautiful lounge to sample their food and speak with sommelier Michael Dolinski for his recommendations on pairings.

2. What to Drink and Where To Get It: Euphoria Sake at Tao

For the smoothest and most flavorful sake on earth visit Tao in their Downtown or Midtown locations for an extensive beverage list and a positively overwhelming list of Asian food options.

Bonus: Don’t leave without trying their Chilean Seabass. Simply amazing.


3. What to Drink and Where To Get It: Traditional Korean Soju at Gaonnuri Restaurant

Leave yourself in the adept hands of Gaonnuri’s staff who will take you through a journey of strong and delicious Soju.

Bonus: Request a table by the window. The restaurant is situated atop an office building with some of the best views of the city.

4. What to Drink and Where To Get It: Wine flight at Pierre Loti Wine Bar

Turkey has some of the most underrated and underrepresented wines in New York City. Try a wine flight of three (or if you’re feeling bold, four) wines at Pierre Loti. Their Private Reserve is delicious, but their adept staff will let you sample until your heart is content and your mind is made up!

Bonus: For a broader menu of food and a less crowded atmosphere than their Union Square venue, try their West Village location.

5. What to Drink and Where To Get It: Microbrews at Shalel Lounge

They’re all good, but let’s be honest, you’re here because Shalel’s underground cave ambiance is a welcome retreat from the typical NYC bar or lounge.

Bonus: Don’t come hungry. You’re at Shalel for the ambiance and their extensive beverage menu. There are plenty of other great restaurants in the neighborhood for before or after drinks.

6. What to Drink and Where To Get It: Sangria Roja at Calle Ocho Restaurant

For the perfect blend of red wine and other spirits, Calle Ocho is where it’s at.

Bonus: Come hungry. Their delicious array of tapas is broad enough to tempt even the pickiest of palates and their black bean dip is purely addictive

7. What to Drink and Where To Get It: White Sangria at The Park NYC

Even in the cold winter months, a glass (or pitcher!) of refreshing white sangria hits the spot and no place does it better than The Park NYC.

Bonus: Not able to travel someplace warm for the holidays? The Park’s indoor rainforest atmosphere makes you feel like you’re someplace tropical, even if you trudged a mile in the snow to this Meatpacking hotspot.

8. What to Drink and Where To Get It: Hot Chocolate The City Bakery

No holiday drink recommendation list could be complete without a wicked good cup of hot cocoa and no one does it better than The City Bakery. Visit any day of the week for a mug of deliciousness. If you’re fortunate to have acquired or been born with a sweet tooth, pair your hot chocolate with their enormous chocolate chip cookies, which rival those of their uptown competitor in Levain Bakery!

Bonus: Each February, City Bakery doles out a new flavor of hot chocolate each day in its famed Hot Chocolate Month.

Ryan Frankel is CEO of VerbalizeIt. He’s a travel, endurance athletics and food and wine enthusiast. He was recently named a Top 35 Under 35 entrepreneur by Inc. Magazine. He lives in New York City with his beautiful wife and pair of running shoes. Write to the author at rvfrankel@gmail.com.

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