The 7 Chillest Places in New Jersey to Drink Wine


New Jersey is known for its rich history and lively culture, and has plenty of culinary and beverage gems to visit in each of its many regions. For wine lovers who want to meet up with friends or relax after a long day at the office, here are 7 establishments that are known for their laid back atmospheres and great wine selections.


Spuntino Wine Bar & Italian Tapas

This cozy and sophisticated location will allow you to feel like you’ve escaped to Tuscany for the night in a rustic setting that is comfortable to relax in. The upscale environment feels like home with a menu that includes tapas that are paired with an excellent wine selection. The wine cellar incorporates a bit of authenticity to the establishment with choices that include Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo, Italian wines, and plenty of per-glass offerings. The servers are always willing to offer their advice on the best wine pairings and help to make a few of their own suggestions to the guests.

Vino Volo

From their comfortable chairs to the soothing music that plays at Vino Volo, this establishment has earned a great reputation for their wine selection that is served with gourmet appetizers. Their wine menu spans all countries from around the world with selections that continuously change. Some of their most popular flavors include Pinot Noirs, Pinot Grigio, light bodied Pinots, bold Cabernets, and prosecco, which are best paired with a charcuterie plate and salad.

Just Grapes Lounge

This location feels like an underground hideaway for a cozy setting that includes two, six, and eight ounce wines that are available to try for those who don’t want to order a full glass. It’s a romantic setting with a wine selection that is always changing, making it an ideal location to sip wine for those who want to expand their knowledge of different flavors or meet up with a friend. You’ll likely find the manager behind the bar talking to patrons who have come for the wine more than the food for a friendly environment that doesn’t feel stuffy. The bartenders have plenty of wine recommendations and will offer you fresh cheese and meats that are available with various platters. From the different sizes of wine pours to the cozy fireplace where seating is available, it makes for an ideal location to go out with the girls or dine in a romantic setting on a date.

Mompou Tapas, Wine Bar, and Lounge

When you want to listen to a live piano player while sipping a delicious glass of wine, this lounge is a hot spot in New Jersey for a great place to relax. The Spanish wine bar makes for the perfect place to meet up with friends and listen to a live band play for the night. It’s an intimate setting that isn’t overly crowded with incredible food selections that include the coconut creme brulee, goat cheese salad, baked calamari, and cheesy carrot soup. Although the bar is small, the wine selection is expansive with something for everyone and tastings always available. The bartenders are known as being accommodating to each guest and are happy to offer their recommendations on the best wine flavors available.

Fernandes Steak House

Perhaps one of the most respected steakhouses in the state, Fernandes’ is known for drawing in new and regular guests for their flavorful menu items and excellent selection of wines. Guests can enjoy reading a good book or sipping various flavors of wine while making conversation. The wine is known for tasting incredible with the filet mignon, garlic shrimp, or broiled twin lobster tails.

Spanish Tavern

The vast wine selection at Spanish Tavern is impressive with different flavors that hail from all over the world. Guests enjoy coming in for the red sangria, Moscato, and VML coleccion privada rioja wine. The setting is regal and relaxed with servers who are accommodating and regulars who come in just to unwind from the day.

16 Prospect Wine Bar and Bistro

This bar and grill offers regular jazz sessions to its guests for an American-Italian bistro that has a bohemian vibe that is easy to relax in. The wine list is extensive with choices that range from simple choices to high-end flavors for wine enthusiasts. Guests prefer everything from the moscato wine to the chianti for an easy place to relax and avoid feeling rushed out. For those who enjoy traditional menu items, their cheddar cheese burger is a constant hit, along with the vodka penne pizza and the Peruvian seafood soup.


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