5 Unique and Interesting Wine Tours

A wine tour is a fantastic way to spend your vacation doing something you love: drinking new wine! With so many amazing countries inhabited by new wineries, the opportunities are endless to create a gorgeous wine vacation. We’ve put together a list of five interesting and unique wine tour operators to help you find the perfect trip for you. They take place throughout many countries around the world and each offers a unique and interesting twist! Check it out below:


BK Wine is a Swedish company offering dozens of amazing tours all around the world that have been named some of the “World’s Best Wine Tours” by Travel and Leisure Magazine. You can take one of their fantastic, already scheduled tours to a variety of places, or you can work with your own BKWine team member to create a custom design tour of your own. BKWine’s tours focus mostly on small producers who may not be the most famous but produce the highest of quality wines. The only downside is many of their tours are only offered in Swedish.


Looking to travel in Spain? Try one of Vintage Spain’s magical food and wine tours that take you all around the country to experience the greatest food and drink the country has to offer. Each trip has something unique to offer and takes you to different parts of Spain based on the theme of the itinerary. You can take a group tour or get your own customized vacation with your own personal guide.

If you’re looking to truly explore one country, check out X.O. Travel Consultants. Their trips are completely dedicated to wine, and you can choose a country based on the kinds of wine you like to drink. They currently do tours of 9 countries and even offer cruises based on your desired culinary cuisine. Each of the trips is led by a true insider who understands and knows the ins and outs of the country’s wine production.

Need something new and different? Arblaster and Clarke offer tours of interesting and undiscovered regions. Sure, you could go to Italy or Spain and see the classics, but why not try Greece or Australia or South Africa and learn something new? You can travel with the group and one of their extremely knowledgeable guides or create your own bespoke tour that is customized and perfected to your exact desires.

Want to stay domestic? We already know Napa Valley, California has a lot to offer in the way of wine but did you know you could see it by train? The Napa Valley Wine Train offers a unique way to see the California countryside, eating delicious meals and tasting wines as you go. It’s only about three hours but you get to visit gorgeous wineries and enjoy the scenery in a completely new way.

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