5 Underrated Wines to Try This Weekend

When you’re buying wine, it’s easy to fall into a routine of drinking the same thing over and over again. As humans, we like to stick with things that we’re comfortable with and know we like, and even when we look for something new, it’s probably another very popular selection that we’ve heard about a million times.

However, the most popular wine isn’t always the best wine. Sometimes you have to look a little harder to find the unique, more delicious choices. Below, we’ve found 5 of the most underrated wines and wine regions for you to try the next time you’re looking for something new to taste.


Baga: This Portugese red wine can be hard to grow but it’s extremely worth the trouble. It’s a high-yielding grape that produces wines that are deep in color, high in tannins and acids, and great structure. The aromas start out with berry flavors, transforming into plumb and other red fruits, to finish off with coffee and tobacco notes.


Wines of Switzerland: Okay so this technically pertains to hundreds of wines, but there’s something about this country that makes some outstanding bottles. Because of its geographical location between France, Germany, Italy, and Austria, the wines of Switzerland come out with the best attributes of the wines from each of these bordering nations, which makes them unique to anywhere else in the world.



Gamay: The Gamay comes from Beaujolais, a French wine appellation that is part of the famous Burgundy region. It’s very similar to Pinot Noir with its light-bodied, fruity flavors and light acidity but it’s actually more affordable because it’s lesser known. Like the Pinot, it’s easily drinkable and goes well with just about any dish on the table.


South African Chenin Blanc: When looking for a white wine, most people reach for a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc because of their commonality and ability to please many drinkers but they should be reaching for the Chenin Blanc. Crisp, fruity, and even tropical, the Chenin Blanc from South Africa brings an extra zest that traditional white wines can’t achieve.


Blaufrankisch: An Austrian red, the Blaufrankisch possesses a uniqueness that other European reds do not. It’s got a smooth but powerful tannic quality combined with a fruity flavor and spicy smokiness that can be compared to a complex Burgundy but at a lower price point. The ease of consumption that comes with this wine make it the perfect glass to have with almost anything you’re eating.

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