5 Red Wines to Spice Up Your Winter

Okay, so January is finally over, which means we’ve officially entered the most boring month of the year. Sorry February, you just don’t have that much to offer. The weather is lame, there aren’t any days off, and we’re all sick of being stuck at home because it’s cold and gray outside.

You know what helps warm you up when it’s cold? Wine. Especially red wine. Reds are known for the bold flavors and tannins which create a gorgeous, spicy warmth which is sure to keep your winter from being boring. Here are 5 fun wines to try while you get through the rest of winter!

Bordeaux: Château Labégorce Margaux 2015 Margaux

  • This bold Bordeaux-style French red will warm you up in a second. It’s tannic and intense but fruity and delicious. Expect dense fruit flavors and an exciting richness that makes you forget that it’s still winter!


Pinot Noir: Brewer-Clifton 2015 Pinot Noir (Sta. Rita Hills)

  • Out of the Central Coast of CA, this Pinot is dynamic and fruity! With a luxurious combination of strawberry and anise that meet a rush of tart cherries and cranberries to create a vibrant acidity that will definitely brighten up the gloomiest February day.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Stewart Cellars 2014 Tartan Red (Napa Valley)

  • This is actually a Bordeaux-style blend but it’s 60% Cab so it counts. Enjoy a palate of cranberry and red currant that finishes with flavors of cocoa, leather, and fig for an elegant richness. Add in a fireplace and some warm slippers and you have a perfect winter night.

Syrah: Stolpman 2015 Estate Grown Syrah (Ballard Canyon)

  • A great Syrah should have a healthy zest to it, and this one is no different. First up are the aromas of black currant that are quickly followed by subtle notes of cherry wood smoke and lavender which creates a nice well-balanced wine.

Malbec: Pulenta 2013 Gran X Malbec (Luján de Cuyo)

  • This Malbec isn’t joking around. Every sip will bring notes of dark chocolate and blackberry, plus warm black fruit flavors and a peppery finish to create the perfect winter wine that you can enjoy while snuggled under a warm blanket.

Not only will these wines taste great and bring some joy to this dreary winter but now you get to have an adventure in finding them!

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