5 Great Wines to Bring to a Party

Everyone loves a good party! And what party is complete without wine?

Whether you’re bringing a bottle as a hostess gift, or you’re supplying it at your own party, wine is a happy addition to any gathering. The only stressful part is deciding what you should serve! We’ve compiled a list of 5 of the best wines, which all happen to be $20 or less, as rated by Wine Enthusiast Magazine of 2017, which basically means they’re all crowd pleasers and would be a joy at any celebration.

Paringa 2015 Shiraz

Ahh, Shiraz, Australia’s award winner. It’s fruity and fantastic, and slightly unknown to amateur wine drinkers so it will be a fun surprise to those who don’t know it. This one is an excellent bargain and is easily found in most bottle shops. The low price lets you stock up plenty, which is great because its blackberry flavors topped with vanilla make it a true crowd pleaser. $12

A to Z 2016 Riesling

Rieslings are the perfect garden party wine. They’re fruity and light, they’re best served chilled, and almost everyone likes them. Even that super wine snob neighbor of yours will enjoy it if they’ve had enough glasses. This one hails from Oregon, which is the king state of Reisling in America and has that classic citrusy floral taste. $15

Vin Vault NV Cabernet Sauvignon

Two words: Boxed Wine. Yep, I said it. Boxed wine is perfect for a party, and this is the best box you’re going to find. It’s a true California Cab with those dark chocolate and blackberry aromas and the deep red-purple color. Honestly, if people don’t see you pour it out of the box, they probably won’t believe that it didn’t come from a bottle. $20

Giocato 2015 Sauvignon Blanc

A good Sauvignon Blanc can go a long way, and this one is part of that category. It’s nothing fancy, and it won’t impress the wine snob neighbor, but it will give everyone a nice buzz and will taste great going down. It comes from Slovenia which helps the “cool” factor, and it’s got those fresh, springy aromas like lemon and green apple that make everyone smile. $12

Dry Creek Vineyard 2016 Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc is like Sauvignon Blanc’s cooler hipster cousin. South Africa is known for their Chenin Blanc, simply because they are delicious. A Chenin Blanc is a little bit drier but with a slightly more lush, fruit flavor than the Sauvignon Blanc. This is one of those wines that you can keep stocked in the house for all of your parties or even just a happy Saturday night in. $15



  1. Try to pair the wine with the foods being served. If it’s a full-on dinner party, pair with the main course and the dessert. If it’s a cocktail party, find bottles that have a wide appeal to most audiences, like a Cabernet Sauvignon or Riesling.
  2. Consider the time of day. Is this an afternoon garden party? Maybe find something a little lighter or possibly bubbly. An evening soireé is great for the bigger, bolder bottles.
  3. Go with what you like! If you’re the one throwing the party, then you get to pick the wine. It’s a chance to introduce your guests to all of your favorites, or if you’re feeling adventurous, use it as an opportunity to find something new!


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