5 Most Expensive Spanish Wines

Spanish wines, like their lands and their people, are known for their beautiful spicy, robust flavors and styles. The Temperanillo and Garnacha wines are the most common, and the Monastrell, Mencia, and Bobal styles follow in popularity. The true quality of a good Spanish wine is the aging process which takes place not only in an oak barrel but also in the bottle itself.

Although there are many wine-producing regions of Spain, there is a small handful that are truly famous. One of those is Ribero del Duero which houses one of the most established Spanish wineries, Vega Sicilia.

The Central Plateau, which is very close to the city of Madrid, produces some of the best valued Syrah, Temperanillo and Montastrell wines.


Below is a list of the five most expensive Spanish wines:


Tthe 2011 Dominio de Pingus may be produced by Danishman Peter Sisseck but it is a true Temperanillo by all rights and has long stood at the top of the list of the most expensive Spanish wines. It’s deep red color and amazing oaky flavor give it the classic flavoring. $1,695

Throw it back to 1996 with the Pesquera Millennium Reserva , a classic Temperanillo. With its spicy oak and blackberry notes, this inky dark bottle is sure to please. Add in that peppery Temperanillo flavor and you’ve got yourself a delicious glass of wine. $799

Rated a perfect 100 points by Wine Enthusiast, the Viña Sastre 2006 Pesus is a perfect Spanish red. The blend of Temperanillo and Cabernet Sauvignon gives this wine a fantastically complex balance of flavors such as cola, chocolate, berry and more. $750

The Vega Sicilia NV Unico Reserva Especial is a magical blend of the 1996, 1998, and 2002 vintages of the Unico Reserva by Vega Sicilia. Its mature and super ripe nose will delight you with flavors of vanilla, tobacco, and baking spice. $600

Made in an extremely limited quantity, the García Figuero 2009 Figuero Tinus is dense and saturated with black fruit flavors, hickory and clove. There’s a delicious oaky note as well as a toasty element to give you a wonderful warm wine. $599

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