5 Exotic Wine Vacations

Sure, it’s fun to go to a regular wine tasting and enjoy many different samples of delicious wine, but what if you could experience something a little more exotic at the same time? Maybe it’s a crazy location or the addition of some safari animals, or maybe it’s the wines themselves!


Check out our list below of some of the coolest, most exotic wine vacations we could find:

Malibu Wine Safari: Lions, tigers, and…wine? Right outside of Los Angeles is Saddlerock Ranch, an amazing 1,000 acre vineyard that offers wine tastings on a safari. You can ride along in a safari vehicle and meet animals such as zebras, alpacas, and so many more as you sip Malibu’s best wines.


The High Flyer Gourmet Trail (Australia): Head down under for the ultimate wine tour through Australia’s fantastic wine-producing regions by aircraft. For 7 days, you can travel in your own private airplane through South Australia, Victoria, and Tasmania, experiencing the best Australia has to offer in food and wine.

Fratelli Winery in India: Fratelli is translated to “brothers” in Italian, and this winery, housed in the beautiful Solapur district of India, is the product of three sets of brothers, both Indian and Italian. Visit their massive winery and 240 acre vineyard while also exploring the views and adventures this amazing country has to offer.

Exotic Armenia Tours: Enjoy ten days in Georgia and Armenia as you travel to ancient churches and wineries, eating and drinking your way through these beautiful countries. Experience their native cuisine, as well as the unique and delicious wines they have to offer.

Tour of Chile and Argentina: Visit two of the world’s most renowned wine-producing regions in South America. Experience both sides of the Andes mountains, enjoy the wonders of Buenos Aires, and of course, sample some of the world’s most delicious wines.

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