5 Canned Rosés for Summer

Summer outdoor activities are what we look forward to all year- picnics, harbor cruises, dinner parties on the roof- and all of them are great reasons to drink wine! The problem is that dragging along heavy glass bottles on the subway or in a Lyft is an extremely inconvenient thing in this city, although we’ve all definitely done it.

The good news is that someone, somewhere decided it was time to not just put wine in a can to help us solve this problem, but there are now specialty rosés in a can too! Your favorite summery pink drink can now accompany you to all of your favorite activities in the city, in a safe, unbreakable package (legally, and responsibly of course.)

Here are our five favorite rosés in a can- in no particular order:

  • Alloy Wine Works Everyday Rosé
    • The folks at Alloy are big players in the canned wine game and have worked hard to develop blends that not only look good (we’re big fans of their branding) but have a taste that belongs in a bottle. This one has those traditional bright, fruity flavors of a quality rosé and although is a little more expensive than the rest, is definitely worth the cost. $30 for a 4 pack.
  • Underwood Rosé
    • Oregon knows wine, and they know how to be cool. Put them together and you have Underwood Wines, a purveyor of fine, sustainably grown, canned wines that are as delicious as they are convenient. Classically fruity, you can’t go wrong. $28 for a 4 pack.
  • BackPack Wine Cheeky Rosé
    • Backpack was born out of millennials’ need for efficient drinking but without sacrificing quality. As they say, not every can is made the same, and they take great pride in sourcing only the best Washington State wines and then putting them in fashionable cans. $15.99 for a 4 pack.


  • Babe Rosé (with Bubbles)
    • You’ve probably seen this one everywhere which makes sense because it comes from Swish Bev, the company that produces White Girl Rosé- aka the Fat Jewish’s wine company. If you’re a fan of that bottle, then you’ll love these cans! It’s nothing fancy but it’ll look cute and everyone will know that you’re cool and hip to the latest trends. $16.99 for a 4 pack.
  • Ah So Rosé
    • Ah So is definitely the classiest on this list, as it’s a winery from Spain that only produces this rosé. It’s located in the Navarra region where they grow gorgeous Garnacha grapes, and they focus only on organic, sustainable viticulture so there are no chemicals or herbicides. The only downside is you may have to work a little harder to find it but it’ll be worth it. $19.99 for a 4 pack.


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